Vision Zero

Seattle's plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030.

11/17/17 World Day of Remembrance reflection and panel discussion

Join us and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways to remember those lost in traffic crashes over the past year, Friday Nov 17, Noon - 1:30 PM at the Impact Hub. Details on the Facebook event page.

What if each of us asked ourselves: what would be an acceptable number of traffic deaths for my family?

The answer is zero. You wouldn't even think twice about it. Now take that to the next level - what's an acceptable number for your neighborhood? For our city?

 While Seattle is one of the safest cities in the country, we still see more than 10,000 crashes a year, resulting in an average of 20 people losing their lives and over 150 people seriously injured. These are our friends, neighbors, and family members.

The thing is, traffic collisions aren't accidents - they're preventable through smarter street design, targeted enforcement, and thoughtful public engagement. Together, we can make Seattle's streets safer for everyone.