Rainier Ave S Landslide Mitigation Project

Updated: March 6, 2023

What's Happening Now!

This month we are returning to Rainier Ave S to install a Soldier Pile Wall just south of Wall Three on Rainier Ave S. This wall will replace a temporary Ecology Block Wall that was installed last year after a slide occurred.

Beginning Tuesday, March 7th, drilling equipment will arrive on site at the southern end of Wall Three. There will be minimal execavation because the ecology blocks are currently holding up the slide. We intend on drilling with the ecology blocks in place, if possible. We anticipate the work will be completed by the end of the month.

Please be alert for travel lanes shift signage and avoid entering the work area.

During construction, you can expect:

  • Shift travel lanes during construction
  • Weekday working hours from 7 AM – 5 PM  
  • Noise, dust, and vibrations during work hours  
  • Construction equipment and materials staged in the project area 
  • Work is weather dependent and some activities may be rescheduled
Hydro seed placed on exposed soil areas
Hydro seed was added to exposed soil areas
Sidewalk complete at Wall 4

Sidewalk complete at Wall 4

Rockery wall at S Ryan Street repaired

Rockery wall at S Ryan Street was repaired

Rainier Ave S Landslide Mitigation Retaining Wall Map


We're working to address the long-standing surface slides as well as significant overgrowth obstructing the sidewalk along segments of Rainier Ave S from S Carver St to the south City limits near S Ryan St.

Because of limited funds, the project team prioritized the problem areas. In 2016, we installed a 60’ segment of retaining wall and cleared overgrowth from the existing sidewalk to open it up to people walking.

In early 2020, we plan to install the retaining walls outlined within the map below. See our construction mailer for more info. 


SDOT maintains almost 600 retaining walls, most protecting public streets. The average height is 6 feet, and if all the retaining walls and seawalls were lined up end to end, they would extend for 21 miles.


Design: Winter 2016 – Fall 2017
Construction: Installed priority retaining wall and cleared sidewalk in 2016; Remaining retaining wall installation in 2020; Additional retaining wall just to the south of Wall Three in 2023

Anticipated Construction Impacts

General construction impacts will include noise, dust, vibration, lane restrictions, and potential detours for people walking, biking, and driving.


The project is funded through the City's Landslide Hazard Mitigation Program and managed by SDOT's Street Use division.


Construction mailer (December 2019) 

Project map (2019)

Project map (work completed in 2016)


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