Rainier Ave S Landslide Mitigation Project

Updated: May 12, 2020

What's happening now?

Construction Timeline Graphic

Over the next few weeks, crews will be working on the first three soldier pile walls. Work at these locations will be in the order listed below:

  • Wall 1: Just south of Ithaca Pl S
  • Wall 2: Located at Keppler St
  • Wall 3: Located south of S Perry St

Rainier Ave S Wall Construction Map

Residents can expect to see delivery of large steel "H" beams to these locations. Delivery will start Monday, May 4th.

Beginning Friday, May 15th, drilling equipment will arrive onsite at Wall One. This will coincide with an increased amount of large dump trucks which will be making repeated trips up and down Rainier Ave S as they haul away spoils from drilling work.

This type of work will continue through May.

Typical work hours are Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM, but some days may go as late at 6PM.

Please expect some vehicle and/or center turn lane restrictions on Rainier Ave S and detours around the work area for people walking and biking.Expect noise and vibrations from heavy machinery and trucks in the area.

Early Construction Work - April

  • Crews restriped the southbound lanes of Rainier Ave S through the work zones from Ithaca Pl S to S Norfolk St
  • Clearing and grubbing overgrowth at each work zone
  • Walls 1-3 dressed in straw to prevent erosion
  • Clearing and grading new soldier pile walls (Walls 1-3)
  • Removed and replaced eco block wall (Wall 5) near Ithaca Pl S
  • Grading for new eco block wall at Wall 6
  • Placing two rows of new eco blocks and drain pipe at Wall 6
  • Eco wall shortened at Wall 7 due to existing rock wall discovered during clearing and grubbing 

Restriping Rainier Ave SRestriping Rainier Ave S

Clearing overgrowth at work sites on Rainier Ave SClearing overgrowth at work sites on Rainier Ave S

Removing old Eco Block wallRemoving old Eco Block Wall 5

Placing new Eco Blocks and drain pipePlacing new Eco Block wall and drain pipe

Preparing grade and soldier pile at Wall 1Preparing grade and soldier pile at Wall 1


We're working to address the long-standing surface slides as well as significant overgrowth obstructing the sidewalk along segments of Rainier Ave S from S Carver St to the south City limits near S Ryan St.

Because of limited funds, the project team prioritized the problem areas. In 2016, we installed a 60’ segment of retaining wall and cleared overgrowth from the existing sidewalk to open it up to people walking.

In early 2020, we plan to install the retaining walls outlined within the map below. See our construction mailer for more info. 

Project map
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SDOT maintains almost 600 retaining walls, most protecting public streets. The average height is 6 feet, and if all the retaining walls and seawalls were lined up end to end, they would extend for 21 miles.


Design: Winter 2016 – Fall 2017
Construction: Installed priority retaining wall and cleared sidewalk in 2016; Remaining retaining wall installation in early 2020

Anticipated Construction Impacts

General construction impacts will include noise, dust, vibration, lane restrictions, and potential detours for people walking, biking, and driving.


The project is funded through the City's Landslide Hazard Mitigation Program and managed by SDOT's Street Use division.


Construction mailer (December 2019) 

Project map (2019)

Project map (work completed in 2016)