Greenwood Healthy Street

This project is complete!

This project was completed in October 2023, adding permanent safety and traffic-calming features for people walking, rolling, and biking. This Healthy Street is connected to a larger network of Northwest Seattle Healthy Streets and Neighborhood Greenways.

If you live on a Healthy Street, you can use your street as a Play Street without applying for a permit! Play Streets are one-block, full street closures that can be used to host neighborhood events, like block parties and community dinners, or as a place for kids to play! Sign up for a Play on your Healthy Streets Kit!

Permanent Fixtures and Safety Features

Greenwood Healthy Street Sign

Neighbor walking along Greenwood Healthy Street

 Traffic Calming 

We installed traffic calming features along NW 73rd, between Palatine Ave N and 3rd Ave NW.  

73rd Painted curbs

Painted curb bulbs on NW 73rd and Sycamore

All Way Stop 73rd

All way stop on NW 73rd and 1st Ave NW

Project Map

Greenwood Healthy Street Map


April 4, 2020, SDOT responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by upgrading 26 miles of Neighborhood Greenways to Stay Healthy Streets throughout the city as a pilot program to allow for socially distanced transportation, recreation, and socialization. 

  • Neighborhood Greenways are designated walking, rolling, and biking routes along residential streets with enhanced safety features (such as speed humps, stop signs, and crossing improvements at major intersections) to limit the number and speed of through vehicle. While these are intended for those walking, in wheelchairs, riding bikes and similar, local access, deliveries, waste pickup and emergency vehicles are always allowed. Neighborhood Greenways throughout Seattle were identified through past community engagement processes.  
  • Stay Healthy Streets build on the investments in the Neighborhood Greenway network by enhancing signage which closes the street to enable those on foot and bike to be the primary users of the street to allow for social distancing. As with Neighborhood Greenways, local access, deliveries, waste pickup and emergency vehicles are always allowed but drivers must yield to other users.  

The Greenwood Neighborhood Greenway opened summer 2017 and was originally part of Greenwood Elementary School Safe Routes to School and the North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway. It is 1.4 miles long and runs on 1st Ave NW from NW 73rd St to NW 100th St.  

Outreach Activities

Winter 2021

  • Sent a postcard to nearby addresses providing an update and include an invitation to participate in an online survey
  • Collected input from community members via online survey on improvements
  • Hosted an online open house to provide an update, understand concerns, learn about preferences, and answer questions
  • Attended the Greenwood Community Council meeting to provide an update, learn about preferences, and answer questions
  • Reached out to impacted properties
  • Analyzed results from the online survey and other feedback received
  • Based on best practices and community input, identified materials for installation 

Spring 2021

  • Provided an update to community members on next steps
  • Upgraded arterial crossings with larger barricades 

Summer/Fall 2021

  • Installed enhancements (such as traffic calming)
  • Collected feedback on additional enhancements (such as art) 



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Phone: (206) 684-7623

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