Safe Routes to School: Lowell-Meany

Updated: July 20, 2020

What’s happening now?

We have completed work on the east side of the intersection at 15th Ave E and E Harrison St and are now working on the west side of the intersection. Once we have completed this work, we will temporarily install steel plates over this area and re-open the intersection before moving to 15th Ave E and E Republican St.

At 15th Ave E and E Republican St we will install accessible curb ramps, a new bike box, and make sidewalk and pavement repairs. To complete this work safely and efficiently, E Republican St will have temporary closures on the east side of the intersection. Once we have completed work on the east side, we will transition to the west side of the intersection. More information is detailed in the construction notice.

12th Ave E and E Harrison St detour map
Map of work area and pedestrian detours at 15th Ave E and E Republican St

Construction at this intersection is anticipated to last approximately 6 weeks. During construction you can expect:

  • Weekday work hours of 7 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Temporary closure to through traffic of E Republican St (see map above). Please follow signed detours when travelling near the work area
  • Noise, vibrations, and dust during work hours
  • Signs and flaggers to direct people around the work zone, including temporary detours
  • "No Park" signs placed in work area 72 hours in advance of work starting
  • Equipment and materials in the work area

Thank you in advance for your patience during this work!

We'll continue to post updates via this webpage and our project listserv. Sign up for email updates.

Project Overview

This Safe Routes to School project will make it safer and easier for kids to walk and bike to school between Lowell Elementary and Meany Middle School. We are currently designing the project, and construction is expected as early as summer 2019. We are making several improvements to calm traffic, increase visibility, and reduce the crossing distance at intersections:

  • Curb ramps and some curb bulbs along the route to improve accessibility and safety at crosswalks and intersections
  • Traffic calming measures like speed humps along E Republican St
  • Crosswalk improvements, like crosswalk striping, and sensors at:
    • 12th Ave E/E Harrison St
    • 12th Ave E/E Roy St
    • 15th Ave E/E Republican St (see graphic below)
    • 19th Ave E/E Republican St
  • Flashing crosswalk beacons at:
    • E Harrison St/15th Ave E
    • E Harrison St/12th Ave E
    • E Republican St/19th Ave E
    • E Roy St/12th Ave E
  • Crossing improvements at 15th Ave E/E Harrison St

15th and Harrison

Planned improvements map of 15th Ave E and E Republican St.
Planned improvements at 15th Ave E and E Republican St

All greenways include stop bars and stop signs along the route. Please note that all non-arterial streets that approach the Lowell-Meany route will include a 2-way stop.

Example of sign changes diagram
Example of sign changes. 13th Ave E and E Mercer St

Example of new stop signs diagram
Example of new stop signs: 16th Ave E and E Republican St

Similar projects are being constructed at 31 Seattle schools this year. Projects include new crosswalks, new sidewalks, new signals, and traffic calming on the walking routes to school.

Selected Route

Selected route map


Design reached 60% in Fall 2018.

Construction may begin as early as Summer 2019.


This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Additional funding comes from a Washington State Department of Transportation grant and our local Safe Routes to School program.

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