Progress on the Swift Avenue S / S Myrtle Street / S Othello Street Paving Project. We’re making progress on Swift Avenue S / S Myrtle Street / S Othello Street Paving Project! Starting this Saturday, February 16, we will be completing our base [...]
Today was all hands on deck – we need all the help we can get! Parents and kids, local businesses, faith communities, community groups and organizations, and neighbors, joined our effort to shovel local sidewalks near elementary schools. This was a [...]
Remember me? The viaduct?  It’s hard to believe that our city went from #Realign99 to #WinterWeatherResponse on the same day as the opening of the new SR #99Tunnel. The weekend prior to opening, nearly 100,000 people participated in the [...]
We can’t say it enough. Did you think we were going to say please shovel your walkways and sidewalks? Well, you’re wwrrrooong….right!😙 Well, first we wanted to give Seattle a giant-sized snowball-snowcone worth of a humungous thank you [...]