While Seattle is considered one of the safest cities in the country, we can always do better, especially as SDOT moves forward on much-needed pavement projects.   35th Ave NE is an arterial serving Northeast Seattle and approximately [...]
Hey Seattle, the weekend wants you to make some awesome plans. But first, find out what downtown happenings might slow your roll and plan like a pro. The biggest takeaway, avoid I-5 if possible: WSDOT weekend work: Several I-5 lanes and ramps will [...]
You know the show “Chopped!”? Well, this morning, we teamed up with our Vision Zero partners at Lyft, along with a crew of local media personalities, for a joint effort we’re calling, Baked! Munchies Challenge. And no, there were no special brownies. [...]
Have you considered an electric vehicle (EV)? While EVs are better for the environment and can even be better for your pocketbook, they’re not always convenient for people who don’t have a reliable place to charge them. Even if you do have a place to [...]