Nickerson Paving Project

What's happening now

Major construction is complete! Crews have completed all major construction activities on Nickerson in Zones A and B. You may have seen crews onsite through early 2018 wrapping up minor construction activities. We will return to complete Zone C in Summer 2018.

We've divided the

  • Zone A (complete): Etruria St to 3rd Ave W
  • Zone B (complete): 3rd Ave W to 14th Ave W
  • Zone C: 14th Ave W to 15th Ave W (will take place in summer 2018)

For more information about paving impacts and what to expect during construction, click here for our construction flyer.

Questions about the project?

Email the project team at or call 206-684-ROAD (7623).

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Nickerson/W Nickerson St is a principal arterial, major truck route, and a transit street on the north side of Queen Anne that serves 23,000 drivers on an average weekday. Nickerson/W Nickerson St runs parallel to the Ship Canal and is an important access route for freight and maritime communities, and connects Westlake, Fremont, Ballard, and Interbay. Nickerson/W Nickerson St is bordered by residential homes, industrial properties, retail businesses, and Seattle Pacific University.

Project description

Pavement on Nickerson/W Nickerson St is marked by cracks and potholes and the road base needs repair in many locations. As part of our Paving Program, we'll repave Nickerson/W Nickerson St curb-to-curb between Etruria St and 15th Ave W to make it safer and more comfortable to travel on and extend its useful life. Paving and pedestrian improvement work between 13th Ave W and 15th Ave W is planned for summer 2018 to coincide with favorable weather conditions.

Nickerson/W Nickerson St was restriped in 2010 to improve traffic operation and safety. This project will repaint the existing pavement markings that are in place, maintaining the street operation that's in place today.

The Nickerson Paving Project will include the following elements:

  • Repave and restripe Nickerson /W Nickerson St between Etruria St and 15th Ave W; striping will maintain current street operation
  • Repair road base in select locations
  • Repave the southbound onramp to 15th Ave W
  • Pave new asphalt sidewalk on north side of the southbound 15th Ave W onramp and connect asphalt sidewalk to Ship Canal Trail
  • Pave an existing footpath under the south side of the Ballard Bridge
  • Add pedestrian crossing islands in place of paint-and-post crossing islands at
    • W Nickerson St and 11th Ave W
    • Nickerson St and Dravus St
  • Upgrade curb ramps in select locations

Project map - click for larger

Other SDOT projects in the area

Interbay Trail Connections Project – We’re working on a transportation safety and mobility project in the Interbay and Magnolia communities to better connect major trails. We're proposing a family-friendly connection for people traveling between the Ship Canal Trail, Elliot Bay Trail, and the Ballard Locks, which will help people reach Westlake, downtown, and the Burke-Gilman Trail.


Summer 2016

Began design

November 2016

Seattle Pacific University briefing

January 2017

Outreach to businesses and residents along Nickerson/ W Nickerson St

Finished design

February 2017

Queen Anne Community Council briefing

Late spring 2017

Pre-construction outreach

July 2017

Began construction

Winter 2017

Complete Zone A and Zone B of project

Summer 2018

Begin Zone C of the project

Fall 2018

Complete project


Levy to Move SeattleThe project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015, and the Pedestrian Master Plan.

Get involved

We're committed to keeping you informed and working with neighbors to limit construction impacts to the extent feasible. Here are some ways to get more information about the project:


Updated: 9/14/2017