Priority Pickup Zones

We are working to ensure businesses across the city have load zones to make pickup and drop-off of food and retail goods easier, especially as they work to keep their doors open in the midst of the pandemic. As part of our COVID-19 pandemic response, we will soon install new signs on selected block faces around the city. These signs will be:

  • A new permanent 5-minute Load Zone sign and curb paint, to provide space at the curb for food delivery and other retail pickup/drop-off needs
  • An accompanying blue Food Priority Pickup sign

A black and yellow sign reading 5 minute load and unload over a red and white sign of a car being towed. Bottom sign is blue with white text reading food pick up priority with a white icon of a knife, fork, and spoon.


In March 2020, we launched a temporary Food PickUp Priority Zone Program to provide curbside access to customers and food delivery vehicles. Through this initiative, food and retail businesses have requested load zones near their businesses to support customer access and addresses the overall growth of food delivery and other curbside pickup demand. To date, we have installed three-minute temporary Food Priority Pickup Zones at over 570 restaurants.

What is happening?

We are installing permanent yellow 5-minute Load/Unload Zone signs and blue Food Priority Pickup signs, along with yellow curb paint, at many locations with temporary zones. We are reviewing locations to identify blockfaces that do not yet have permanent load zones signs. Please note that the new permanent load zones may not be placed in exactly the same location as the temporary easel signs, to maximize the benefits of the new load zone for all users along the block.

How do I get a temporary Priority Pickup Zone?

To request a free temporary Priority Pickup Zone around your business please contact 206-684-ROAD or Please provide your business name, address and contact information.

Project Schedule

February - April 2021: Public notification and citywide installation of new Load/Unload zones

We will install zones from the south end of the city to the north end, area by area.

Questions or Feedback?

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please email us at