Updated August 5, 2021

What's happening now?

On October 2, 2021, the Northgate Link Light Rail Station will open. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), alongside King County Metro and Sound Transit, is working on a variety of improvements to transit, walking, and biking in the station areas to support access to the station. The light rail line to Northgate is expected to see 41,000 - 49,000 daily riders by 2022. This represents a tremendous new mobility asset for neighborhood businesses and residents. SDOT is also planning to update curb parking regulations for the surrounding area to balance the needs of those who live in, work in, or visit the neighborhood with those who use the new station. SDOT has conducted a study on streets around the station and is planning updates to some on-street parking. 

Thank you to everyone who took the survey and submitted comments. Most of the proposed changes have stayed the same. In order to prevent all-day parking by hide-and-ride commuters using the station, SDOT is proposing to add 2-hour time limits along 3rd Ave NE, 4th Ave NE, and NE 97th St, as shown on the map.

We are adding a  loading zones on 3rd Ave NE and 4th Ave NE near NE 100th St in response to feedback (see map below). Expect to see new signs installed in the neighborhood soon, with changes going into effect at the beginning of October. 

We recognize that this area is where many people currently park to go to work. With the opening of light rail in October, we want to support as many people as possible taking transit, walking, or biking to get to the Northgate area. SDOT will be working with Commute Seattle and area employers to help address employees' commute needs.    

Check out our blog post about all the mobility improvements coming to new light rail station areas. 

Map of curbspace changes around the new light rail station in Northgate

Comments or questions? 

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To view the mailer from May 2021, click here. 


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