Play on Your Healthy Street

If you already live on a Healthy Street, you can use your street as a play street without needing a permit, and receive a “Play on Your Healthy Street Kit” to help you get started.

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Collage of kids playing on healthy streets, and healthy street signage

What is a play street? 

Play streets can be used to host neighborhood events, like community dinners, gatherings, or a place for kids to play. Learn more about hosting a play street on our blog, or download the Play on your Healthy Street flyer (June 2023)

What is in the kit? 

  • Play signs and flags to enhance the closure and let neighbors know we're actively playing. These pair well with a recycling bin or other item to attach the yard signs to. 
  • Play on Your Healthy Street Enhancements including sidewalk chalk, a frisbee and other items for games. (Supplies limited and will be prioritized to community groups planning to host frequent play events and organizations serving equity areas.) 
  • Delineator posts - these enhance the closure and allow a place to attach the play sign and flags. Post supplies are limited and will be prioritized to locations with high-density housing and limited access to individual recycle bins.
  • Healthy Streets tote bag to hold and store your Play on Your Healthy Street kit. 
  • You can download the Play on your Healthy Street printable sign (June 2023)

What are the rules for play streets?

  • Make sure an adult is present at all times to monitor the barricades and help if a vehicle must drive onto the block (like mail delivery or emergency response)
  • Set up your space to be able to move things out of the way quickly should a vehicle need to drive on the block (keep tables to the edges)
  • Keep the closure one block long and do not block an intersection
  • Do not use the street as a play street more than 3 days per week, adding up to no more than 12 hours per week
  • Play streets should be free and open to the general public
  • Planned to occur between 9:00 AM - and dusk (or until 9:00 PM if dusk is later than that), including setup/cleanup
  • Be sure to clean up after your play street and bring in your extra signs and flags so neighbors know the event is done

What if I'm thinking of having a larger event? 

Check out the Street & Sidewalk Activities page to see permitting options for larger street closure events that include any of these items: 

  • Attendance is expected to exceed 100 people at any point in time 
  • Vendors (other than a permitted food vendor) are a part of the event 
  • Event includes alcohol sales 
  • Closure exceeds one block
  • Includes large objects in the street (like a bouncy house or a stage)  

Don’t live on a Healthy Street?

If you don't live on a Healthy Street but are still interested in hosting a Play Street, you can get more information and request a free permit.


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