45 Departments

Animal Shelter

License, adopt, spay or neuter a pet. Report animal cruelty, contact animal control and volunteer.

Arts & Culture

Get funding for projects, find arts-related jobs and spaces and apply to an artist call.


Get answers on how the City effectively and efficiently uses public resources.

Budget Office

View budget reports for City projects and learn about the budget process.

City Clerk

Learn how our city government works, search agendas and legislation and get research assistance.

City Light

Pay your bill, learn how to save energy, and apply for rebates.

Civil Rights

Learn about civil rights laws we enforce and the Race and Social Justice Initiative. File complaints.

Community Assisted Response and Engagement (CARE)

Learn about CARE, Seattle’s 911 Center that provides emergency and non-emergency responses.
(206) 625-5011 (For non-emergencies)

Construction and Inspections

Apply for a permit, schedule inspections, learn rental housing rules, and view changes to codes.

Customer Service Bureau

Not sure which service you need? Ask us! We'll get you to the right department or person you need.

Economic Development

Help for small businesses, build your startup, shape your business district. Find worker retraining.

Economic and Revenue Forecasts

Learn about the economic and revenue forecasts that inform the City's annual budget process.

Education and Early Learning

Get help paying for child care and preschool. Schools can apply for funding.

Emergency Management

Get information on area hazards and how to prepare. View plans for disaster response and recovery.

Ethics and Elections

Learn about campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics that apply to City officials and employees.

Finance and Administrative Services

Learn rules for doing business with the City, file a damage claim and buy surplus property.

Film and Music

Apply for a film permit, view a map of Seattle's music resources. Learn about local film and music.


Learn how we manage the financial operations of the City of Seattle.

Fire Department

Apply for a fire permit, schedule a fire inspection and plan a fire systems test.

Hearing Examiner

Get a review of a City department’s actions. File appeals and other case types.


Find low-cost housing and read rules for renters and landlords. View incentives for developers.

Human Resources

Find a City job or internship, and learn about the City's commitment to race and social justice.

Human Services

Learn how the City funds programs for youth and seniors, medical care, housing, and food.

Immigrant and Refugee Affairs

Get legal and citizenship help. Find English classes. View data and list of available services.

Information Technology

Find low-cost internet, devices, and cable; learn about privacy, get funding for technology projects,...

Inspector General

Learn how the City provides oversight to support constitutional and compassionate policing.

Intergovernmental Relations

Learn how the City works with federal, state, regional and tribal governments. See our Sister Cities.

Labor Standards

Get help with meeting labor standards, request an investigation and report a violation.


Get access to books, music, movies, and classes, get a library card and find a library location.

Municipal Archives, City Clerk

Find historic records, photos, maps, audio and videos documenting the City’s past.

Municipal Court

Pay a ticket, request a marriage ceremony and search for case files.


Get funding for projects, find P-Patch gardens, landmarks and become a community leader.

Office of the Ombud

Confidential resource for all current City employees to help amicably manage conflict.

Parks and Recreation

Find a park, pool or community center. Sign up for activities or reserve a picnic site.

Planning and Community Development

Learn about City planning, equitable development, and Seattle population data.


View crime data, request police reports and crime prevention tips. Find police jobs and locations.

Office of Police Accountability

View our complaint process, file or check the status of a police complaint, and find closed cases.

Public Utilities

Report a missed collection, view rates and pay water, garbage and sewer bills.


Request a benefit estimate, meet with a retirement specialist and get help planning for retirement.

Seattle Center Seattle Center

View Seattle Center map, things to do, upcoming events and festivals, and parking information.

Seattle Channel

Watch Council meetings, City press conferences and original civic and cultural programs.

Special Events

Apply for a special event or valet parking permit and review our guidelines for special events.

Sustainability and Environment

Learn about Seattle's climate and environmental programs and goals.


Apply for a parking permit, report a pothole, and search for transportation projects.

Waterfront and Civic Projects

View a map of the future waterfront, review design plans and learn how to support the project.