Commute Trip Reduction Program

The Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program is a partnership between the City, State, and Seattle’s employers that serves as a powerful Transportation Demand Management (TDM) tool. Through business-oriented transportation programming, SDOT works to guide commuters use the transportation system efficiently, particularly during the most congested periods of the day. Over the past several years, the rate of commuters driving alone has decreased, with over 66% of employees at participating businesses now choosing options such as transit, walking, carpooling, bicycling, or telecommuting. As the city grows, investment in these modes helps accommodate increases in population and employment sustainably. The CTR program supports the City’s goals, the environment, our commuters, and Seattle businesses.

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CTR Requirements

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CTR Recognition Program

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2013-2018 Networks and Targets

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2019-2023 Networks and Targets

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