12th Ave NE and NE 43rd St Paving Project

June 24, 2020

What's happening now?

We are in the early stages of the design process. We will be reaching out to local property owners, businesses, and residents about the project and proposed changes in the coming weeks.

Project Overview

The project area, along NE 43rd St from Roosevelt Way NE to Brooklyn Ave NE, and along 12th Ave NE from NE 45th St to NE 43rd St, is in University District, near the new University District Light Rail Station currently under construction. With the new Link Light Rail station at 43rd and Brooklyn Ave set to open in 2021, assessments of the roadway were completed and noted that the concrete paving along 43rd would not be able to support the planned re-routes and increases in bus traffic. The 12th Ave NE and NE 43rd St Paving Project will reconstruct the roadway with full-depth concrete pavement to support bus travel in the area. The project will reach completion in the fall of 2021 to coincide with the opening of the Link Light Rail station.  

Project Area

Project area map

Project Elements

This project will include the following improvements:


  • 12th Ave NE
    • Full depth concrete paving for existing pavement width without curb line changes
    • Northern limit will be south leg crosswalk at NE 45th St 
  • NE 43rd St
    • Half street full depth concrete paving on north side of street between Brooklyn Ave NE and Roosevelt Way NE, mill and overlay on south side of the street without curb line changes 
    • Skip intersection of 11th Ave NE (will be constructed by Roosevelt Rapid Ride) 
    • At Roosevelt Way NE include east leg crosswalk 


  • Added northbound bus layover on east side of 12th Ave NE 
  • Coordination with King County Metro to construct trolley infrastructure for trolley routes, and to co-locate streetlighting if necessary 

Sidewalk Construction

  • Some sidewalks on 12th Ave NE and the north side of NE 43rd St will be replaced
  • Sidewalks on south side of NE 43rd St will not be replaced

Bike Lanes

  • 12th Ave NE: This is an existing neighborhood greenway and will be upgraded with northbound protected bike lanes and southbound sharrows 
  • NE 43rd St: One-way protected bike lanes on each side of the street will be added
  • Due to limited roadway width, parking will be removed and loading zones will be relocated to accommodate these additional modes of travel.

Signals and Operations

  • 12th Ave NE and NE 45th St: Pedestrian/bike signal phase will be provided
  • 12th Ave NE and NE 43rd St: All way stop to remain 
  • NE 43rd St and 11th Ave NE: New signal will be installed by Roosevelt Rapid Ride project in the future
  • NE 43rd St and Roosevelt Way NE: New signal will be installed by the Roosevelt Rapid Ride project in the future

Project Benefits

  • Providing adequate paving structure for the anticipated bus volumes that will be rerouted onto NE 43rd St and 12th Ave NE
  • Connecting the citywide bike network with new bike lanes
  • Increasing transit options with added bus service
  • Extending the useful life of the roadway with paving
  • Safer crossings with new or enhanced signals
  • Enhanced pedestrian safety with sidewalk upgrades

Other Nearby Projects

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  June 2020

  30% design

  July 2020

  60% design

  October 2020

  90% design

  November 2020

  100% design

  Winter 2020

  Construction begins

  Fall 2021

  Construction complete


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This project is funded by the Move Seattle Levy, which was approved by voters in 2015.