Green Lake and Wallingford Paving & Multi-Modal Improvements

What's happening now?

Starting as soon as 2019, we will pave arterial streets in the Green Lake and Wallingford communities.

After engaging with you in 2017, we developed proposed street design concepts to incorporate what we heard. In the coming months, we will be working directly with neighbors near the project, community groups, and others who frequently use streets in this area. Your input will help us to refine our street design to meet community needs.

Review our updated display boards to see specifics on what we heard from you in 2017 and street design proposals for each area of the project.

You’ll continue to hear from us over the next two years throughout the design and construction phases. Sign up for project email updates to learn how to stay involved as we move from planning into design and construction.

Project Overview

Green Lake Paving Project

Paving projects create opportunities to update street design, which can improve safety and move people and goods more efficiently in a growing Seattle.

Planned project locations include:

  • N 40th St: Stone Way to Latona Ave
  • N 50th St: Phinney Ave to Roosevelt Way
  • Green Lake Loop: Stone Way to 45th, and Green Lake Dr and Green Lake Way along the east side of the lake
  • N 80th St: Aurora Ave to I-5

On many streets, we’ve developed new lane layouts and redesigned intersections. New street elements will include:

  • Protected bike lanes along the east side of Green Lake to Stone Way N and N 45th St
  • Bike lanes on N 40th St (buffered where possible)
  • Widened bike lanes on N 50th St west of Stone Way N
  • Intersection redesigns with new signals
  • Upgraded pedestrian crossings
  • Sidewalk repair and replacement in select locations
  • Upgraded curb ramps to meet ADA guidelines
  • Bus stop relocations and transit islands for better transit speed and reliability

In addition, we will be folding in several other projects that were selected through SDOT’s Neighborhood Street Fund and Your Voice, Your Choice programs, which provide funding for local projects deemed a priority by communities. These projects include intersection redesigns at multiple locations, such as the addition of curb bulbs and curb ramps at the intersection of Densmore Ave N, Ashworth Ave N, and N 40th St as well as at N 40th St and Bagley Ave N.

Program Description

Avalon Bike Lane

Arterial streets are primary routes for moving people and goods through the city and connecting neighborhoods and business districts to one another and the regional transportation network.

Each year, we pave arterial streets in poor condition to make them safer, smoother, and to extend their useful life. Keeping our transportation system in a state of good repair helps lower the cost of future maintenance.

We prioritize paving based on pavement condition, traffic volume, geographic equity, cost, and opportunities for grants or coordination with other projects in the area.


Summer 2018: Share updated design concepts and gather feedback at community events and from neighbors and others who frequently use these streets

Fall 2018: Share final design and gather information to prepare for construction

As soon as Spring 2019: Construction


These projects are funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. 

Project materials

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Questions or comments?

We are committed to building a productive, inclusive, and collaborative relationship with all who live, work, or travel in the project area. Please contact us with any questions.

(206) 693-4151 |

The City of Seattle paves several major streets across the city every year, including some in your neighborhood as soon as 2019. Tell us how we might make changes to the streets (see map) to better serve your needs. To request translation of these materials, call (206) 693-4151.

La ciudad de Seattle pavimenta las calles cada año, incluyendo algunas de su vecindario. Díganos cómo podríamos cambiar las calles que se pavimentarán en 2019 (véase el mapa) para satisfacer mejor sus necesidades. Para solicitar la traducción de este material, llame al (206) 693-4151.

西雅圖市每年都進行鋪路工程,其中包括一些您所在 地區的街道。請告訴我們如何透過修改2019年計劃鋪 設的路線(請參看地圖)來更好地滿足您的需求。如 需這些資料的譯文,或是在會議時需要口譯服務,請 致電(206) 693-4151。

Updated: 6/14/2018