28th Ave NW – Adams ES Neighborhood Greenway

Updated June 25, 2024

What's Happening Now?

During our first-quarter assessment of the 2024 budget, it became evident that inflation is affecting our large-scale project budgets more than initially expected. In response, we are focusing funds to ensure we continue making our transportation system safer, more reliable, and better connected and meeting Levy to Move Seattle commitments. Therefore, we are pausing a handful of projects including 28th Ave NW and Adams Elementary School Neighborhood Greenway.  This project will resume as budget or grant funding becomes available.

We will have a clearer funding picture in late November when the City Council finalizes the City’s budget and information on project status could be available as soon as the first quarter of 2025. Communication will continue through postcards and project websites. For projects with email lists already established, we will also send information via email.

In the meantime, we hope you have noticed the volume of projects launching and nearing completion this year, such as the 15th Ave W/NW & Ballard Bridge Paving and Safety Project preparing to break ground in July. Stay up-to-date by reading our SDOT blog to learn more about bridges we are strengthening for earthquakes, our action plan to reduce serious and fatal crashes, and more.

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Project Overview

This Neighborhood Greenway has been planned in coordination with the Safe Routes to School Program and will provide a safer, more comfortable route for people walking and biking to Adams Elementary School. The planned Neighborhood Greenway route also connects to the existing Neighborhood Greenway on NW 58th Ave and will include the following safety enhancements:

  • Stop signs with stop bars on side streets intersecting the Neighborhood Greenway
  • Speed humps or cushions to calm traffic
  • 20 mph speed limit signs
  • No parking signs 20 feet from intersections
  • Minor crack sealing and patch repair with asphalt
  • Tree trimming and sidewalk smoothing
  • Wayfinding signs and markings

28th Ave NW Route Map

Proposed Intersection Improvements

NW 65th St & 26th Ave NW

Painted bulb at the existing school-marked crosswalk to block off the no-parking area, visually narrow the street, and highlight the school crossing to motorists

Satellite image of NW 65th St & 26th Ave NW intersection showing where new pavement markings will go

NW 65th St at 28th Ave NW

  • Install a second school-marked crosswalk on the east leg, which is the side the school is on.
  • Painted bulb at school-marked crosswalks to block off the no-parking area, visually narrow the street, and highlight the school crossing to motorists
  • Adams ES students voted on their favorite design from a list of pre-approved SDOT designs. The winning design was the mountain design below.

Satellite image of NW 65th St & 28th Ave NW intersection showing where new pavement markings will go

Graphic image showing snow-covered mountains



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