Public Amenities

How do I get a permit for a public amenity?

This permit allows permittees to install a public amenity in the public right-of-way. This includes benches, bike racks, exercise machines, hanging baskets, planters, sculptural art, tables and chairs, and other street furniture.  

Step 1 - Choose a location

The amenity must be located in the public right-of-way, which includes sidewalks, streets, and alleys.

Step 2 - Draw your plan

Use the site plan template and include elevation, detail, and manufacturer's specifications as necessary.

A blank site plan template for people to draw their site plan

Step 3 - Apply for your free permit!

You can apply for this permit on the Seattle Services Portal. Use the button on the right to sign in!

Under "Create New" select "Permits-Street Use" and navigate to and select the "Long Term Use" and "Private Structures/Uses" record type.

Required documents:

  • Site plan (template available here), including elevation, detail, and manufacturer's specifications as necessary
  • Photo, design, or conceptual image
  • Certificate of insurance (refer to CAM 2102)
  • Historic/Landmark District Certificate of Approval (if in an historic district)

Step 4 - Install the amenity

Enjoy your improved public space!