2021 Rate Changes

February 2021 Paid Parking Rate Changes 

In 2021, SDOT plans to review on-street parking conditions in paid areas and potentially make rate changes on a quarterly basis.

Starting February 17, rates will change in the areas listed below to the amounts listed.  

Paid Parking Area 

AM  Afternoon  PM 
Ballard Core  $0.50  $1.00  $0.50 
Chinatown/ID Core  $0.50  $1.50  $0.50 
Denny Triangle South  $0.50  $1.50  $0.50 
First Hill  $1.50  $1.00  $0.50 
Pike-Pine  $0.50  $0.50  $1.00 
South Lake Union South  $1.00  $0.50  $0.50 

SDOT continues to set paid parking rates based on data and the SMC goal to achieve 1 to 2 open spaces per blockface.  This process will use updated data collected and analysis of the transactions to determine the levels of parking activity around the city, and make rate adjustments accordingly.