Safe Routes to School Walking and Biking Packages

Updated May 22, 2023

Walking and Biking Packages

The Safe Routes to School Program is now offering packages tailored to specific programs and activities that support walking and biking to school. Schools can request supplies for a school safety patrol, safety gear for a walking school bus or bike train, walking/biking themed books, rain gear, or incentives for walking and biking. Check out our guide to starting a Safe Routes to School campaign for more information about any of these initiatives.

For more hands-on guidance and support with any of these campaigns, please contact the Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator at Seattle Public Schools.

A note about our supplies: We aim to support local women and minority-owned businesses and strive to minimize our ecological impact by purchasing smaller quantities of well-made goods, including recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable products when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive these packages? Walking and biking packages are available to schools and PTSAs within Seattle.

Can packages be modified? Packages come as described, but sizing and quantity requests can be made. You can always let us know if you don’t need an item and we’ll leave it out of the package.

Can a school/PTSA request multiple packages? Yes! Title 1 schools may request up to five packages and a mini grant. All other schools can request up to three packages or a mini grant.

Where will the packages be sent? No need to pick up the packages, they will be sent directly to the school’s main office, unless noted otherwise.

How long will it take to receive a package? You should expect to receive most packages within 3-4 weeks of your request. Some packages contain supplies from multiple vendors, so shipping estimates may vary.

How can a school request supplies that aren’t found in one of these packages? Schools can apply for a mini grant if the materials needed aren’t available through our program packages.

Do we need to report back on how we used the items? We don’t require official reporting, but we very much appreciate photos, stories, and recaps of how it all went. Those stories help us maintain the program. Please send photos and descriptions of your event or program to


This is a starter package for a new School Safety Patrol. If you’ve already started one and need to replace some supplies, let us know which items you’d like.

  • 9 child-sized safety patrol vests (3 small, 3 medium, 3 large)
  • 2 adult safety patrol vests
  • 4 cones and flags
  • 2 double-sided stop flags
  • 2 ponchos

Icon of a wizard acting as a crossing guard, holding a staff and stop sign.

Basic supplies for a bike train. Specific sizes and quantities can be requested. Please reference this guide to ensure proper helmet fitting.

  • 15 kids’ bike helmets (3 small, 9 medium, 3 large)
  • 15 bike locks
  • 15 (front and back) bike lights
  • 15 bike bells
  • Portable first aid kit
  • Bicycle repair and tool kit

An icon of a person's back, riding a bike with a helmet and safety vest on

Rain gear to help outfit students walking to school in the rain.

  • 25 umbrellas
  • 25 beanies
  • 25 clip-on lights

An icon of an umbrella with raindrops falling

Titles to introduce and inspire elementary school aged kids to walk and bike to school. 2 books of each title, as available.

  • “Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle” by Chris Raschka
  • “Cycle City” by Alison Farrell
  • "Ruby, Head High: Ruby Bridge's First Day of School" by Irene Cohen-Janca
  • “Sidewalk Flowers” by JoArno Lawson
  • “Daniel’s Good Day” by Micha Archer
  • “Maybe Something Beautiful” by Isabel F. Campoy (CD)
  • “My Footprints” by Bao Phi
  • “The Red Bicycle” by Jude Isabella
  • “The Green Bicycle” by Haifaa Al-Mansour
  • “Cycling Champion” (Jake Maddox Sports Stories) by Jake Maddox
  • “Look Both Ways” by Jason Reynolds
  • “Sarai and the Around the World Fair” by Sarai Gonzalez and Monica Brown
  • “A Bike To Call Their Own” by Todd Civin

An icon of a stack of books

Supplies to support a walking school bus.

  • 3 portable first aid kits
  • 3 adult sized reflective safety vests
  • 25 clip-on lights
  • 2 hand-held flag

An icon representing an adult holding the hands of two children

A starter kit to install crossing flags at a marked crosswalk.

  • 12 Crosswalk flags
  • 2 Storage bins
  • Attachment devices

An icon of a person crossing a street while holding a crosswalk flag

Supplies to reward, celebrate, and incentivize students to walk to school. You will receive an assortment of 200 stickers, 200 pencils, 200 reflectors, and 2 hand stamp markers, unless you request more or less of each item. We are happy to provide enough supplies so every student can receive something. For ideas and resources, see King County’s event toolkits or download Seattle Public Schools’ templates for Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Ruby Bridges Day or Walk to School day.

If you’d like the word doc version of these templates for easier editing, contact Sara Colling at Seattle Public Schools.

  • Stickers – Rainbow heart LGBTQ
  • Stickers – I walked to school!
  • Pencils – I walked to school!
  • Stickers – fun graphics
  • Reflectors – Key chain reflectors for bags and coats. Assorted hearts, diamonds, and triangles.
  • 2 handstamp markers

An icon of a child walking while wearing a backpack

Supplies to reward, celebrate, and incentivize kids to bike to school. You will receive an assortment of 200 stickers and 200 pencils, and 2 handstamps, unless you request more or less of each item. We are happy to provide enough supplies so that each student can receive something. For ideas and resources, see King County’s event toolkits or download SPS’s flyer for Bike to School Month.

  • Stickers – Rainbow LGBTQIA
  • Stickers – I biked to school!
  • Stickers – fun graphics
  • Pencils—I biked to school!
  • 2 handstamp markers

An icon representing a person wearing a backpack while riding a bike

Rewards for students who’ve consistently walked to school, especially if they’ve met or exceeded school-wide walking goals.

  • 18 glow in the dark shoe laces
  • 5 colorful shoe laces
  • 10 sunglasses, rainbow pride
  • 50 lip balm
  • 5 water bottles
  • 2 pair of fun assorted socks

An icon of a trophy

Rewards for students who’ve consistently biked to school, especially if they’ve met or exceeded school-wide biking goals.

  • Stickers - Reflective stars for helmets, bicycles, scooters, etc. Assorted colors.
  • 3 packs of rainbow reflective spoke covers
  • 3 water bottles
  • 3 fun bicycle bells, assorted
  • 3 packs of spoke beads
  • 2 tassel streamers
  • 2 classic streamers

An icon of an award ribbon

Request A Walking and Biking Package

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