ADA Program

We respond to ADA requests and assist the Department in creating and maintaining an accessible public right-of-way

Bike Program

A bikeable city is one where people ride bicycles because it is a convenient, fun, safe, and healthy choice

Bridges & Stairs Program

We operate and maintain over 149 bridges throughout Seattle, including four movable bridges

COVID-19 Transportation Response, Reopening, & Recovery

We find ways for communities to move and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic

Freight Program

We work to improve freight mobility and safety in Seattle

Greenways Program

Neighborhood greenways are safer, calm residential streets with low car volumes and speeds

Maintenance & Paving Program

We are responsible for keeping street pavement clean and in good repair

Neighborhood Street Fund Program

We pay for transportation projects identified and prioritized by the community

New Mobility Program

We shape emerging elements of our transportation system that are enabled by digital technology and driven by data

Parking Enforcement

We manage curb space, provide assistance on the street, and keep you moving.

Parking Program

We manage on-street parking, a limited resource that’s often in high demand

Pedestrian Program

We seek to encourage more walking by creating an environment where pedestrians can walk safely and comfortably

Project & Construction Coordination Office

We coordinate projects in the right of way to save money, protect public assets, and reduce impacts

Public Space Management Program

We promote and regulate a vibrant, safe, accessible, and attractive shared right of way

Safe Routes to School

We're working to make it easier and safer for students to walk and bike to school

Seamless Seattle Pedestrian Wayfinding

Learn more about the city's new standard for pedestrian wayfinding - Seamless Seattle!

Healthy Streets

Healthy Streets amplify outdoor exercise opportunities for areas with limited open space options.

Technology Program

We use a variety of technologies to improve multi-modal travel across the city

Transit Program

We don’t run the buses or light rail trains, but we work with transit providers on service & infrastructure changes

Transportation Access Programs

Learn about programs and educational materials to help you access public transportation.

Transportation Equity Program

We are committed to prioritizing affordable transportation options for all of Seattle

Trees Program

We are caring for the City's urban landscape

Transportation Options Program

We connect residents, employers, building managers, and developers to resources that help people get around Seattle

Transportation Planning Program

We are shaping the Seattle of tomorrow

Urban Design Program

Our Urban Design team's work focuses on optimizing the human experience in the public realm.

Vision Zero

Our plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030


Greg Spotts, Director
Address: 700 5th Ave, Suite 3800, Seattle, WA, 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 34996, Seattle, WA, 98124-4996
Phone: (206) 684-7623

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The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is on a mission to deliver a transportation system that provides safe and affordable access to places and opportunities for everyone as we work to achieve our vision of Seattle as a thriving, equitable community powered by dependable transportation.