Home Zone Program

We share the community's goal of creating pedestrian-friendly neighborhood streets. One way to accomplish this goal is to work collaboratively with a neighborhood to create a home zone. A home zone plan involves the entire neighborhood working together to prioritize improvements that calm traffic, improve pedestrian mobility and improve neighborhood livability. Home Zone Program Background explains more about home zones in general and how the program was started in Seattle.

Launched in 2019, we implemented two pilot home zones, one in the Broadview neighborhood and another in the South Park Neighborhood. Pilot Project Implementation explains more about how a Home Zone is developed and references the two pilot projects developed in 2019. Funding was secured in 2020 for another two pilot projects. 

Map of the South Park Home Zone showing traffic data, and additional home zone features

Home Zone Program Goals

  • Create safe and walkable neighborhoods for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Create holistic plans that address traffic calming and maintaining local access.
  • Improve resident's quality of life and strengthen community.

Home Zone Toolkit

This toolkit presents a menu of projects you can pursue on your residential street. Some, such as painting a mural at an intersection, are simple and relatively easy to implement. Others, such as improving pedestrian connections in your neighborhood are more complex and will likely require developing a home zone plan.

You can undertake this process by yourself, but you will likely find it is more effective and rewarding to assemble a community group with the same goal in mind. After talking with your neighbors, follow the five-step process below to begin improving your street.