PARK(ing) Day

Thank you for your interest in Parking Day!

Annually, on the third Friday of September, people temporarily transform parking spaces into "people spaces" in a global event known as PARK(ing) Day. PARK(ing) Day is an opportunity to rethink how streets can be used by the public. The initiative started as a grassroots movement to repurpose public space, especially in areas where access to parks and open space is limited.

Today, Seattle has embraced the lessons of Parking Day by developing various tools to transform parking spaces into “people spaces” any day of the year. These include our popular seasonal and year-round outdoor dining and parklet permits that allow restaurants, cafes, or community groups to use a curbside parking space as additional space for people to sit and eat, sip coffee, chat with a friend, or simply sit back and people watch.

For temporary installations around PARK(ing) Day, we are happy to offer Street and Sidewalk Activity permits that are a low-cost option to participate in the event. To ensure your application is received in time for PARK(ing) Day, please apply by the third week of August. Please place the following in the Project Name on your application when applying: "Parking Day - (name of your business, organization, group)." Additionally, we have prepared a site plan template you can use to design your pop-up park and submit along with your application. Email us if you have any questions at and have fun!

To learn more about PARK(ing) Day, check out this great video put together by a student at the 2018 Northwest School PARK(ing) Day installation.


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