PARK(ing) Day

What It Is

PARK(ing) Day happens once a year in September and is an opportunity for Seattleites to rethink how streets can be used. Seattle has participated in this international event since 2007 and has given people the opportunity to temporarily turn on-street parking spots into public spaces. The program is intended to encourage creative placemaking, particularly in places where access to parks is limited, as well as raise awareness about the importance of walkable, livable, and healthy communities. PARK(ing) Day is a part of the Seattle Design Festival: two weeks of citywide activities, tours, presentations, workshops and exhibits exploring the role of design in our city.

Program Goals

PARK(ing) Day seeks to:

    • Encourage residents, businesses, and community organizations to use their streets for creative placemaking and demonstration projects
    • Strengthen community connections
    • Increase awareness about the importance of walkable, livable, and healthy cities

Sidewalk Chess

PARK(ing) Day Map and Photos

Seattle Park(ing) Day

Apply for PARK(ing) Day Permit

PARK(ing) Day 2017 was a huge success. Thanks to all those who participated! We'll be accepting applications again in August 2018. Check out our PARK(ing) Day Guidelines to learn more about the application process and requirements for the event.

PARK(ing) Day Program History

Each year, Seattle’s PARK(ing) Day is held in conjunction with the international PARK(ing) Day event. To learn more about the global event and how it got started, visit the International PARK(ing) Day website at

Seattle’s PARK(ing) Day event is also held as part of the annual Seattle Design Festival which is a festival presented by Design in Public and the Seattle chapter of the American Institute of Architects. To find out more about the Seattle Design Festival, visit Design in Public’s website at