Delridge Way SW - RapidRide H Line

Upgraded RapidRide bus stops, bus lanes, paving, landscaped medians, crosswalk improvements, protected bike lanes, neighborhood greenway connections, signal upgrades, water and sewer pipe upgrades, spot parking and bike lane removal, public art.

Updated: March 31, 2020

What’s happening now?

Where we are in the process: Final Design

We are excited to announce the RapidRide H Line has reached final design. Thank you to everyone who has helped reach this milestone.

Construction is anticipated to begin this summer and to wrap up in 2022. As we get closer to construction, we will provide advance notice through a variety of ways including text messages, website updates, and email updates. 

Final design documents

- New street design (channelization map) in a single PDF
- New street design (channelization map) in a multi-page PDF
- New street paving map in a single PDF
- New street paving map in a multi-page PDF

Final Design Updates:

Based on community feedback this year, we've made some changes to the design. 

  • Traffic operations and safety
    • Reduced posted speed limit south of SW Orchard St from 30 mph to 25 mph in compliance with citywide Vision Zero initiative to lower arterial speed limits
    • Added 2 traffic diverters on the 26th Ave SW neighborhood greenway, at SW Genesee St and SW Brandon St, more information below
    • Raised the protected bike lane to curb height along the island on the northwest corner of Delridge Way SW and SW Henderson St/SW Barton St to improve visibility for people biking 
    • Added a planter strip along the south side of SW Barton St at the Delridge Way SW intersection to add more protection for the sidewalk o   Added painted curb bulbs on east legs of 21st Ave SW and SW Croft St at Delridge Way SW to reduce the intersection footprints and improve pedestrian safety
    • Added a northbound left-turn lane into SW Webster St and a small refuge island for eastbound Webster traffic turning left onto Delridge Way SW
  • Interagency coordination
    • Moved the northbound RapidRide station at SW Thistle St from the northeast corner to the southeast corner of the intersection to avoid a large existing Seattle City Light (SCL) vault
    • Reduced pavement restoration on residential side streets where not triggered by utility upgrades to reduce construction impacts in neighborhoods o   Reduced pavement restoration on Delridge Way SW between SW Andover St and SW Genesee St to avoid the need to remove new pavement when Sound Transit builds Delridge station
    • Removed median from SW Andover St to SW Dakota St to avoid the need to remove new medians, landscaping, and irrigation when Sound Transit builds Delridge station
    • Extended storm drainage on Delridge Way SW between SW Findlay St and SW Hudson St, and on SW Hudson St between Delridge Way SW and 25th Ave SW to provide for future developments
    • Added water quality facilities at SW Holden St and SW Thistle St where existing facilities are undersized and do not meet Code
    • Altered tree planting locations in the proposed median islands to prevent tree roots from growing into existing Seattle Public Utility (SPU) pipes
  • Emergency response
    • Added an emergency median cut-thru for Seattle Fire Department (SFD) in the long island north of SW Hudson St to improve emergency response routing
    • Changed concrete curbs separating northbound and southbound traffic with painted stripes at most intersections to allow better navigation of emergency vehicles and improve emergency response routing

Community feedback from 90% design that was included:

  • Moved the northbound RapidRide station at SW Thistle St from the northeast corner to the southeast corner of the intersection to avoid a very large existing SCL vault and fit properly with the sidewalk width
  • Added a neighborhood greenway diverter at 26th Ave SW and SW Genesee St after collecting new  data, evaluating the need and comparing it with our standards 

Community feedback from 90% design that wasn't included

  • Investigate park and ride concerns in business and residential areas
  • Explore options at the SW Graham St bus stop and staircase to see how people can best walk to the new stop from the hill
    • We are working with the Louisa Boren School to determine the best route to connect the new stop across the playfield to the hill
  • Collaborate with Seattle Parks & Recreation to improve access with signage and trails to High Point along SW Brandon St and SW Findlay St

26th Ave SW Neighborhood Greenway traffice diverters 

When we install a new neighborhood greenway, we use data to drive decision-making at intersections; specifically, what kinds of traffic control devices to install and the configuration. After evaluating 26th Ave SW, we found that the corridor has grown in volume and density. The neighborhood greenway on 26th Ave SW now meets the threshold to install traffic diverters. We have decided to install 2 traffic diverters at the intersections at SW Genesee St and SW Brandon St. These diverters will be physical barriers used to reduce traffic on the greenway.

With the new diverters, traffic at these intersections will work in the following way:

People driving on 26th Ave SW will be able to turn right onto SW Genesee St/SW Brandon St. They will not be able to turn left, or continue straight on 26th Ave SW.
People driving on SW Genesee St/SW Brandon St will be able to continue straight, or turn right onto 26th Ave SW, but will be restricted from turning left onto 26th Ave SW. 
People biking on 26th Ave SW will be able to continue straight and turn left or right at the diverter.
People biking on SW Genesee St/SW Brandon St will be able to continue straight and turn left or right at the diverter.

What's next: Construction starts in Summer 2020

Now that we have finalized design, we are working to get a private contractor on board to pave the street and build the walking, biking and transit improvements described in our design. We anticipate breaking ground this summer.

We also want you - especially those who live, work, or travel on Delridge Way SW - to start preparing today for major construction. Construction will be disruptive and look similar to the work happening on the nearby Southwest Seattle Paving: 35th/Avalon project.

How we are preparing for construction:

With the Delridge community in mind, we are working on the construction contracts for this Delridge RapidRide H Line project. Prior to bringing on the contractor, we have put some guidelines in place to minimize the construction impacts the community is likely to experience. These guidelines come from over 4 years of community engagement with organizations and people living on or near Delridge Way SW. Some of those considerations include:

  • Receiving 6 days advanced notice from our contractor about upcoming residential driveway closures to translate information for residence, this is longer than our standard 3 days notice
  • Reducing or limiting work around holidays and cultural festivals such as Tet festival, Friday's during Ramadan in the Southern corridor, and Holy Week
  • Installing temporary crosswalks across Delridge Way SW in areas where sidewalks will be closed for extended periods of time. Temporary crossings will be lit, painted markings on the street, and ADA accessible  Coordinating utility work near Louisa Boren K-8 around school drop off and pick up time
  • Emphasizing a "good neighbor" policy for the contractor, which includes site cleanliness and staging area considerations

What should you expect during construction?

We will reach out with more information as we approach construction this summer. Generally, we anticipate construction work to be on weekdays between 7 AM and 7 PM. Construction impacts may include:

  • Noise, dust, and large vehicle traffic
  • Temporary parking restrictions for weeks at a time
  • Short-term water shut-offs
  • Driveways may need to be closed temporarily
  • Some nighttime and weekend work to minimize traffic impacts
  • Periodic traffic detours
  • Vehicle lane shifts around work zones
  • Some full closures of major intersections
  • Pedestrian and bicycle detours around the work
  • Flaggers to help direct traffic
  • Temporary bus detours and bus stop relocations

Questions about the project?

Public art

Studio Wowhaus has been selected to create art for this project. To learn more and connect with the artists visit the Art Beat Blog or send us an email at

Project Overview

Map of scope of project, which covers Delridge Way from SW Henderson to SW Andover

We're working to make Delridge Way SW a better street for buses by bringing multimodal improvements to the neighborhood in coordination with new Metro RapidRide service. That means your Seattle levy dollars will remake and reimagine what Delridge can be for everyone traveling in the neighborhood. Delridge Way SW - RapidRide H Line project includes new bus lanes to sail past traffic, a new bus signal to hop to the front of the line at red lights, and a commitment to getting people walking and biking around the neighborhood and to new stops. 

How can I get involved?

We're always interested in meeting with community and neighborhood groups that want to learn more about the project and make their voices heard.

You can request a briefing by emailing or calling 206-684-8105. 

Do you live outside the city of Seattle?

Metro is bringing RapidRide amenities and improving service between the Seattle city limits, White Center, and Burien. Additional project funding for these improvements comes from grant sources that Metro has already secured. Metro will be conducting public outreach about the project changes in these areas in 2018.

To stay informed or find out more, visit King County Metro’s website or contact Robyn Austin, King County Department of Transportation Community Relations Planner, at

Milestones and Schedule

Project timeline

2015 Early community outreach about project
2015-2016 Completed studies and analysis and used community feedback to develop a report on the corridor's existing conditions
2016 Community outreach to receive feedback on community transportation priorities and trade-offs
2017 Shared conceptual options for community feedback
2018 Shared outcome of outreach and technical analysis along with a new conceptual option
2018 Recommended concept moves into design
2019 Final design complete, advertise for construction bids
2020-2022 Construction; construction scheduled to wrap up in 2022
2021 Metro RapidRide H Line service begins

*Future dates are subject to change.

Materials Library

Design phase

Planning phase


This project is partially funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Additional grant funding has been secured and is being sought by both Seattle and King County. Delridge Way SW is one of seven corridors identified in the Levy to see transit improvements. Visit our program website to learn more details.