Lander St Bridge

Updated: September 22, 2020

What’s happening now?

S Lander St is closed to traffic from 1st Ave S to 3rd Ave S for construction of the new Lander St bridge. We expect the closures to last through 2020. Crews have also closed S Lander St between 3rd Ave S and 4th Ave S and anticipate reopening that section early this year. 

Drivers can use alternate routes on S Holgate or S Spokane Streets. Pedestrian access will be maintained, as will access to all adjacent businesses along S Lander St. We ask that bike riders dismount and walk their bikes through the detour. Please see the area access map and Frequently Asked Questions below for more details.

Crews have adjusted signal timing and roadway striping at 1st Ave S and S Holgate St, S Horton St, and S Hanford St to help keep traffic moving in the area while bridge construction is underway. The westbound lane on S Horton St is also closed. In addition, a temporary signal has been added at 4th Ave S and S Forest St. Please be attentive while traveling through the area as drivers adjust to these changes.

To view and sign up for the latest project construction updates, see our project neighbor construction email update archive and our major milestone project email archive. 

View the time-lapse below to see our progress!

Check out our most recent photo of construction below, updated weekly.

Still image in bird's-eye view of the Lander Bridge project

Project Overview

Detour map

South Lander St is an essential east-west connection in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood. Every day, the street serves over 13,000 vehicles, 1,400 pedestrians, 100 bicyclists, and needs to be closed over 100 times per day for train crossings. This active train crossing causes frequent traffic delays and poses a potential safety risk, especially for people walking and biking. As the region continues its rapid growth and rail operations in the area expand in the coming years, the S Lander St "bottleneck" could put the Pacific Northwest's economic vitality at risk.

Watch this time-lapse video of the S Lander St crossing to see typical weekday traffic volumes and interactions between the corridor's many users.

To improve local traffic circulation, rail operations, and safety, SDOT will build a bridge over the railroad tracks on S Lander St between 1st Ave S and 4th Ave S. This crossing will provide a roadway unimpeded by rail operations, improve safety, and relieve congestion in Seattle's SODO neighborhood.

Project Cost and Funding

The total project cost estimate is $100 million, with contributions from the City of Seattle and project partners, including the U.S. Department of Transportation, the State of Washington, Port of Seattle, and BNSF Railway. The total project cost estimate was revised from $123 million based on the actual bid amount and property purchase needs.


It's been over a year since construction began on the Lander St Bridge project, and the bridge is beginning to take shape! We expect construction to be complete this year, 2020. Construction is progressing well, but a few minor weather and scheduling delays have extended the schedule later into 2020 than our original timeframe. See more detail about the schedule below to see what work crews are completing to construct the new bridge.

Graphic of timeline, which is written out below
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2016 - 2017

  • Project design
  • Public outreach, feedback incorporated into design
  • Project bid and awarded
  • Pre-construction outreach


  • Continue pre-construction outreach
  • Utility relocation
  • Temporary signal modifications and traffic revisions
  • Lander road closure through 2020
  • Water main work
  • Bridge work begins


  • Bridge work continues
  • Build approaches to 1st Ave and 4th Ave
  • Build approaches to 3rd Ave


  • Complete bridge work
  • Finishing work: Install lighting, paint bridge, stripe lanes, create parking under bridge, complete landscaping
  • S Lander St Bridge opens to traffic after construction is completed

Get Involved

We're committed to keeping you informed and working with neighbors to limit construction impacts to the extent feasible. Here are some ways to get more information about the project:

  • Review project materials linked below
  • Email the project team at or leave a voicemail at 206-256-5450. A project representative will return your call.
  • Request a briefing for your business or organization (contact us via phone or email)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is construction expected to last?

Construction is expected to last just over 2 years.

Will S Lander St be closed during construction?

S Lander St will be closed during bridge construction. The closure is expected to last through 2020.

Bicycle and pedestrian access, as well as access to adjacent businesses, will be maintained on S Lander St for the duration of the project. Improvements to adjacent streets and signal changes will help to keep traffic moving during construction.

Why is the westbound lane on S Horton St closed?

S Horton St has been rechannelized and westbound lanes are closed as a part of the Lander St Bridge project. This change was implemented in order to improve safety for those driving across the railroad tracks. Westbound traffic on S Lander St would back up over the tracks while waiting for the traffic signal at 1st Ave S. If a driver wasn't paying attention, they could end up stopped on the tracks. Now that S Lander St is closed, we anticipated seeing greater traffic volumes on S Horton St, which would increase the likelihood that traffic would back up to the tracks there. To mitigate this, westbound traffic is directed down Occidental before trying to get to 1st to provide more space for vehicle queuing during signal cycles at Hanford and 1st. Westbound S Hanford St is also wider than at S Horton St, which provides access to 1st with two left turn lanes instead of one.

Why is this project important?

The S Lander St Bridge will enhance mobility in this critical freight corridor and improve safety for people walking, biking, and driving.

Will customer and local access be maintained during construction?

Customer and local access will be maintained. Access to businesses on S Lander St will be maintained using alleys and connections from 1st Avenue S and 4th Avenue S. Local access maps are available here.

How do I get in touch with the team with questions or concerns?

The project team will keep the public informed throughout the project via regular email and web updates. The project will also have an information line and project inbox and staff on hand to respond to questions and concerns as they arise.

To sign up for regular email updates, enter your contact information in the email sign-up form on this page.

Contact us at:

Voicemail line: 206-256-5450

How will the project create more reliable freight movement?

The bridge will create reliable access adjacent to one of the largest port operations in the United States. It will improve safety for the more than 3,000 freight rail cars per day on the tracks, and reduce truck delays, congestion and emissions for more than 13,000 vehicles each day including 1,400 surface freight trucks per day. This project will improve the reliability of the last-mile connections between the interstates and the Port of Seattle and area manufacturing in the Duwamish Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC), the largest MIC in the state.

How will the bridge benefit people walking and biking?

The new bridge will feature a 14-foot walking/biking path on the north side of the bridge that is physically separated from the road. The bridge approaches will also include new curb ramps that meet current standards for accessibility.

Will this project address safety and access in the SODO neighborhood?

The project will increase safety by separating trains from people walking, biking, and driving and creates an unimpeded access point for emergency responders. The bridge also provides access between regional transit hubs and employment centers.

Will Metro bus route be affected?

Yes, Metro routes 21, 37, 50, 116, 118, and 119 have been rerouted for the duration of the Lander St Bridge Project. Generally, routes have been revised to operate both north and south on 1st Ave S between S Lander St and Edgar Martinez Dr S, and on Edgar Martinez Dr S between 1st Ave S and 4th Ave S. Temporary reroutes will be in place before, during, or after major stadium events. Please visit the King County Metro website for more information and sign up for Transit Alerts.


State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Review

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) determined that the S Lander St Grade Separation and Railway Safety Project will not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment. As a result, SDOT issued a Determination of Non-significance on May 11, 2017. The DNS, Categorical Exclusion Worksheet, and supporting documents may be examined through the links below.

Categorical Exclusion Worksheet
Introduction and Project Description
Cultural Resources Assessment
Hazardous Materials Discipline Report
Noise Discipline Report
Visual Impact Assessment
Social Effects and Environmental Justice Discipline Report
Transportation Discipline Report