Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Permits

July 3, 2024

The Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Program helps make public, on-street parking easier in some residential and mixed-use areas. RPZs have a large parking demand generator like a college, hospital, event venue, or business district. These Zones use parking restrictions to discourage commuter and event-related congestion. 

For more facts about where RPZs exist, how they are managed, and who qualifies for a permit, review our Restricted Parking Zone Fact Sheet or continue reading below. 

Existing RPZs

Open our interactive map to view Restricted Parking Zones. Zoom in to find your block. If your home is located directly next to a brown line, you are eligible for an RPZ permit.

You can also find your RPZ online using the Address Lookup tool.

You could qualify for a discount on your RPZ permit! With documentation, discounted permits are available for $10 to income-eligible people. Learn more about discounted parking permits here.

An example of a placement of an RPZ sign on a neighborhood street in Montlake.

How to Apply

If your address qualifies for a permit, follow the steps below to get a new permit online.

Before you apply: Check to see if your Zone is about to expire. Each Zone operates on its own expiration cycle. Permits expire by Zone cycle, not from the date of purchase. If your zone is close to renewal, you may want to consider applying for a Short-Term RPZ permit.

Do you have a valid disabled parking permit? You do not need to apply for a separate RPZ permit. A disabled parking permit allows you to park in your Restricted Parking Zone up to the citywide 72-hour limit. 

Before you start, make sure your vehicle is registered in your name and at your RPZ-eligible address. Have your documents ready to upload.

Submit the documentation listed below:

1. Current proof of residency showing your name and address, dated within the last 30 days. This can be a bill, bank statement, paycheck stub, a letter from your previous address that has been forwarded to your new address and has the yellow sticker from the post office showing a date and your new address, lease or rental agreement.  

For more information on what qualifies as proof of residency, visit our FAQ page

2. A copy of your current Washington State Vehicle Registration. Your vehicle must be registered with the Washington State Department of Licensing (WA DOL) in your name and at your address. Out-of-state registration is accepted only for active duty military personnel providing proof of their status, or out-of-state students providing proof of non-resident status.  

If your name does not appear on the vehicle registration, you may not qualify to receive a decal for your vehicle. Visit our FAQ page for more information on how to update your registration online with Washington State Department of Licensing. 

For a Discounted Permit, include documentation of income. Acceptable documentation for a low-income permit is available here

To apply online, create a profile in the Seattle Services Portal. You must create one before you try to apply or renew online. 

Our staff will be available to provide application coaching and assist with issuing permits. We can be reached Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 pm at (206) 684-5086, or

Receiving and Using Your Permits

In December 2023, we completed our transition from decals to digital permits for regular resident RPZ permits. License plate numbers are stored electronically, and you no longer need a sticker for your vehicle. Please note this does not apply to guest permits; if you order a guest pass, you will still receive a physical hangtag in the mail. 

When you submit your application for permits online, you will be emailed a 28-day temporary permit to use while it is being reviewed and processed.

After your application is successfully processed, you will be emailed a 15-day temporary permit to use until you receive your permanent permits in the mail. If your Zone has already moved to virtual permitting, you will receive notice that your virtual RPZ permit is now active. 

If you haven't moved or changed vehicle registration, be on the lookout: About 6 weeks before your RPZ permit is due to expire, you will receive a renewal letter in the mail. Your renewal letter is your proof of residency. It also contains your individual Renewal PIN and instructions to renew your RPZ permit.

For more details about this process, visit the FAQ

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page for more details about RPZ rules, vehicle types, obtaining or replacing permits, and more. 

Don't Currently Live in an RPZ?

In some instances, it’s possible to expand an existing RPZ to your block or qualify your neighborhood for a new RPZ.

If you believe your neighborhood may be eligible for an RPZ, read more about the necessary qualifications and application process on the Creating and Expanding RPZs page


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