West Seattle Link Extension Street Concept Plans

June 2024

What's Happening Now?

Help shape the vision for streets around future light rail stations in West Seattle!

We are seeking your feedback on the street concept plan for the three future light rail station areas in West Seattle: Alaska Junction, Avalon, and Delridge station areas. This plan is being developed with input from community members, like you, and in consultation with Sound Transit.  

Please take 10 minutes to share your feedback:

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What are Street Concept Plans

Street concept plans show how a street could look in the future with specific improvements. These plans help guide future changes made by developers, property owners, City departments, or public agencies so that they work well and are comfortable for people using our streets. Street concept plans include ideas like lots of plants, distinct paving options, relocated curbs, and features like benches or unique lighting.   

To learn more about how SDOT uses Street Concept Plans, visit the Street Illustrated Guide.  

What’s Happening in West Seattle? 

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Department of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) are jointly creating a street concept plan for the streets around the future light rail stations in West Seattle, with input from Sound Transit* and community members. This street concept plan is intended to provide a vision and guidance for future improvements. The concepts included in the street concept plan will be used to develop designs for future projects.

Maps are for illustrative purposes only, not to scale.  Visit the Sound Transit website for more details on station areas and entrances. 

Avalon Station Area Street Concept Plan Streets

Map that shows Fauntleroy Way SW with a cross street of 35th Ave SW and SW Avalon Way.  There is a gray shaded area that is the station area, and a purple shaded area about the Street Concept plans.

Alaska Junction Station Area Street Concept Plan Streets

A map showing SW Alaska Street with purple lines on 41st Ave SW from SW Oregon to SW Edmunds St, and a purple line on 42nd Ave SW from SW Alaska Street to SW Edmunds St

Delridge Station Area Street Concept Plan Streets

Map showing Delridge Way SW crossing with SW Andover St and a street concept plan street in purple along SW Andover and 26th Ave SW


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