Youth Ambassadors


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In 2019, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) launched the Youth Transportation Ambassadors Program, partnering with two community-based organizations to teach youth leaders about public transit options, and to mobilize youth to become transit ambassadors in their community.

Goals of the Youth Transportation Ambassador Program

  • Fund community-based organizations to deliver and implement youth-led, creative transportation storytelling projects that document their learnings about public transit.
  • Provide an opportunity for SDOT and King County Metro to further learn about youth's experiences and challenges with transit.

What do we do?

SDOT works with two community-based organizations to co-create a curriculum to support youth engagement with regional transportation systems. Youth participants will have mentorship opportunities with transportation experts and lead conversations about transportation access, education, and safety within their communities.

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Youth Ambassador Partners

The Youth Ambassadors Program is a partnership between SDOT, and two community partners: We.APP (Act, Present, Perform) and Red Eagle Soaring (RES)

Please contact the organizations directly if you or a youth in your life are interested in getting involved!