Heritage Tree Program

What we do & Program Goals

The Heritage Tree Program is a cooperative program between the City of Seattle and PlantAmnesty to celebrate Seattle's Special Trees.

The program was initiated by PlantAmnesty in 1996, and the city became a cosponsor a few years later. The first Heritage Tree was recognized jointly by the City of Seattle and PlantAmnesty in 1996. There are now many more!

Heritage trees may be on either City or private property. Each candidate tree is assessed by a certified arborist and evaluated by a review committee. Trees can be nominated as an individual or a collection, but must have the owner's approval and meet criteria for health in addition to being selected according to one of the following categories:

Specimen: A tree of exceptional size, form, or rarity.
Historic: A tree recognized by virtue of its age, its association with or contribution to a historic structure or district, or its association with a noted person or historic event.
Landmark: Trees that are landmarks of a community.
Collection: Trees in a notable grove, avenue, or other planting.

Each Heritage Tree owner receives a certificate. Additionally, you may be able to get a plaque for your tree at your cost. If you are interested in a plaque, please contact Plant Amnesty at 206-783-9093.

Check the Seattle Tree Inventory to see if a tree is already designated a heritage tree. All gold tree icons are Heritage Trees. Updated quarterly.

Heritage Trees are not the same as Exceptional Trees of which there are a greater number. Learn more about Seattle tree protection rules.

Seattle Heritage Tree Program Nomination Form

Anyone may nominate a tree. The owner’s approval is needed for Heritage Tree designation. To nominate a tree, fill out the following form and return to the Heritage Tree Committee at seattle.trees@seattle.gov or
SDOT Urban Forestry Arborist's Office
P.O. Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996

Please print legibly.

Please indicate if this nomination is for an individual tree or a group of trees. Use a separate page for each tree or one page for a group nomination.

Measured or Approximate size

When you click send, the information you provided will be sent to the Heritage Tree Program. It will also generate a PDF for you to download and keep for your records. If you would like, you can choose to just download the PDF and email it yourself.

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