Your Voice, Your Choice

Your Voice, Your Choice is a process in which Seattle residents decide how to spend a portion of the City's budget.

Parks & Streets

In 2017, Your Voice, Your Choice is focused on Parks & Streets, which means that you will help decide how to spend $2,000,000 of the City budget on small-scale improvements to streets and parks in your neighborhood. 

Small-scale improvements can include:

  • Any physical project up to $90,000
  • Street projects might include traffic calming (traffic circles, median islands, speed feedback signs, etc.) or short segments of sidewalk construction (less than 100 feet, or one third of a block)
  • Parks projects might include accessibility improvements, trail/path maintenance and upgrades, park benches or tables, natural area renovations, minor playground improvements

There will be four key steps to this participatory budgeting process:

Your Voice Your Choice Phases

Idea Collection (February 2017)

Community members brainstorm and submit potential projects to be funded throughout the city. Ideas were submitted online and at various public outreach events. Submission deadline was February 26, 2017.  Learn more.

Project Development (March - April 2017)

Project Development teams turn submitted ideas into concrete project proposals. Learn more.

Voting (June 2017)

Community members vote on their top projects within their individual Council District. Learn more.   

Fund & Implement (2018) 

Each City Council District will select the top vote-getting projects that amount up to $285,000.  City Departments will include winning projects in their 2018 budget and will be implemented in 2018.