Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St Safety Project

Updated: June 18, 2020

What’s happening now?

We will begin construction for 9 speed humps and cushions by the end of the week of June 21st. Residents will be sent a postcard notifying them of the planned changes. Take a look at our plans here.

The Seattle Department of Transportation is collecting community input on proposed improvements at Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St. The project is in the early design stage, around 10%, and community input will help shape future design. SDOT staff is also considering new traffic volumes with the closure of the West Seattle Bridge and restrictions on the Low Bridge (Spokane Street Bridge). 

The project survey closed on June 1, 2020. Please share any input to HighlandHolden@seattle.gov

Learn more about the project by watching the online presentation below. View the presentation slides

Project Overview

Highland Park Way SW is a major north-south route in West Seattle, providing access to SR 99, SR 509, I-5, and the Duwamish Trail. The intersection at SW Holden St serves more than 22,000 drivers, transit riders, pedestrians and bicyclists daily. 

To help manage traffic during the emergency closure of the West Seattle Bridge, a temporary signal was installed at Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden Street. SDOT anticipates increased traffic at the intersection during the West Seattle Bridge closure because it is heavily used to access Hwy 99. SDOT crews also installed pedestrian improvements, including painted curbs with white posts. The temporary signal, painted curbs, and white posts are show in in the design below and will remain in place until the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge opens. SDOT will continue planning for the permanent safety improvements project. 

Why Improvements are Needed

The Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St intersection has been the site of several crashes and safety issues due to poor sight distances, high speeds, travel lane confusion, and a lack of pedestrian facilities.

Improvements Being Considered

We are currently at the 10% design phase of this project. Proposed improvements include:

  • A permanent, fully signalized intersection at Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St
  • Protected bike lane along Highland Park Way SW between W Marginal Way and SW Holden St
  • Several additional safety improvements throughout the neighborhood

Project area 10 percent plans including intersection improvements at Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St and a protected bike lane between SW Holden and W Marginal Way



This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015.