West Seattle and Duwamish Valley Travel Options

Updated: October, 1 2020

We received over 17,000 responses from the Reconnect West Seattle Survey. As we plan and implement the infrastructure projects you helped us identify and rank, we are also working on programs that will help you move around your neighborhood and across the Duwamish. This web portal is a starting point. Please check back soon for additional resources.

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The Situation

On March 23, 2020, we closed the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge (WSHB) in response to rapid concrete cracking. The WSHB closure and accompanying traffic restrictions on the Spokane Street Low Bridge decreased travel lanes for personal vehicles from 21 to 12, all concentrated at the south end of West Seattle. These detour routes go through some of Seattle's most diverse and historically under-served neighborhoods.

12 Lanes of vehicular traffic over the Duwamish Waterway

Before COVID-19 physical distancing requirements and the Bridge closure, morning commute hour car trips made up 82% of all trips crossing the Duwamish. If no actions are taken, 53% will find no room on the road to move once traffic returns to pre-COVID levels.

To address the reduced capacity around the peninsula and across the Duwamish, the peninsula needs a ~60% reduction in peak-hour car trips.

The Plan 

To ensure West Seattle travelers can go where and when they need to, and to minimize the burden on communities along the detour routes, we have or are in the process of implementing five categories of actions:

  1. Develop project ideas to mitigate impacts in neighborhoods along the detour routes
  2. Analyze West Seattle travel behaviors and establish goals for shifting travel behaviors away from car trips
  3. Talk with you and your neighbors about what else you need to travel differently and reduce traffic impacts on neighborhoods
  4. Based on your feedback, create an implementation plan
  5. Regularly check in with your community about changes needed

Your Travel Options

We heard great feedback and ideas on how to decrease time in traffic and reduce neighborhood congestion and air pollution from over 15,000 travelers via the Reconnect West Seattle Survey. 

If you are able to flip or skip your trip, this resource center will help you find the best way for you to cross the Duwamish: walk or wheelbike or scoot, ride the bus or water taxi, rideshare, or stay local.

If you're unable to flip or skip your trip, this resource center will help you plan your detour drive, with information on routes, delays, safety, and more.