Interbay Trail Connections Project

What's happening now?

Construction of the bike facilities along 20th Ave W, Gilman Ave W, W Government Way, and W Emerson Pl is well underway. Last week, we completed striping work on Gilman Ave W from W Dravus St to W Government Way.

Starting as soon as Monday, October 16, we will finish striping south of W Dravus St along 20th Ave W, and install green thermoplastic pavement markings that will finish the 2-way protected bike lanes along 20th Ave W, Gilman Ave W, and W Government Way.

We'll will also begin constructing a curb along the east side of 20th Ave W, south of W Dravus St. This will close the gravel right of way there to people parking.

We expect this work will take 3 weeks to complete. Our work schedule is weather-dependent and subject to change. In general, the construction details for this work include:

  • Typical work hours are 7AM – 7PM weekdays
  • People biking on the east/north side of these streets will merge with general traffic
  • 1 travel lane in each direction will remain open
  • Temporary on-street parking restrictions on the east/north side of the street – please make note of details on our temporary "no park" signs
  • Flagger at impacted driveways

This project grows our all ages and abilities bike network to improve safety and connectivity, and build upon previous investments including the Elliot Bay Trail, and Ship Canal Trail. We've been updating the community about this project since last summer.

Scroll or jump down to see the project-area map and how the streets will be re-designed to include new protected bike lanes. Sign up to receive construction updates via email. We'll be reaching out directly to residents before construction begins.

Project Overview

We're about to begin construction on a transportation safety and mobility project in the Interbay and Magnolia communities to better connect major trails.

This project includes redesigning 20th Ave W, Gilman Ave W, W Government Way, and W Emerson Pl to include protected bike lanes and more intuitive and comfortable intersections that keep people moving. It'll add 2-way protected bike lanes on the north and east side of the streets. There are on-street parking impacts on W Government Way. See the map below for more information.

We're also adding a new bike signal at a redesigned intersection of 20th Ave W and W Dravus St, and updating intersection design at Gilman Ave W and W Emerson Pl, and at Thorndyke Ave W and 20th Ave W. A new marked crosswalk will be added across W Government Way at 30th Ave W. See plan set for details.

Project Details

Project map
Overview map (click to enlarge)

Cross sections
Cross sections (click to enlarge)

Project Background

Creating protected bike lanes on the route between the Ship Canal Trail and the Elliot Bay trail via Gilman Ave W and W Emerson Pl is called out in the city's Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) as a catalyst project. Extensive public outreach and engagement guided the plan's development. Seattle multi-use trails link neighborhoods to business districts and create connections with recreational and natural areas within the Puget Sound region. Multi-use trails contribute to our mission to deliver a safe, reliable, efficient, and socially equitable transportation system that enhances Seattle's environment and economic vitality.

When we drafted our latest BMP implementation plan, this project was given a high priority because it completes a large segment of the all ages and abilities active transportation network we're building across the city. It also leverages the investments we already have by connecting more people to existing trails.


Fall 2017

Construction begins.


These projects are funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015.

Project Materials


We began engaging with people who live, work, and travel through Interbay and Magnolia last summer to learn how people would like to use the streets. As construction soon begins, we remain committed to building a productive, inclusive, and collaborative relationship with all who live, work, or travel in the project area. Please contact us with any questions.