The Frequent Transit Network

First identified in the Transit Master Plan, Seattle's Frequent Transit Network (FTN) presents a long-term vision of interconnected bus routes crisscrossing the city, providing high quality and frequent transit service to all Seattle residents, employees, and visitors.  This network helps to guide STBD's service investments.

Seattle's FTN establishes three different categories of routes: Local, Frequent, and Very Frequent.  The FTN focuses on service that is frequent, all-day (18- to 24- hour service span), and everyday of the week.  This interconnected network of routes helps create transit options for all Seattleites.  The FTN scales frequency around parts of the day with the highest demand for transit, while also proactively creating a transit network for the Seattle of the future.

FTN Frequency Targets

Building out the 15-minute Network

One of the investment goals of STBD has been to increase the number of routes in Seattle that meet the "Frequent" definition of the FTN (15-minute service during weekdays, and 30-minute service on evenings and weekends). See the graphic below for how these improvements align with where Seattle is growing and densifying.

Number of Frequent or Better Routes by Neighborhood