Proposition 1

In 2010, Seattle City Council passed Ordinance 123397, creating the Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD) in the City of Seattle.

STBD is administered and governed as part of the City's regular business. Washington State code allows cities to create transportation benefit districts for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, providing, and funding transportation improvements. This tool is available because inflation has eroded the local share of gas tax and past ballot initiatives have eliminated other traditional sources of funding.

The STBD includes Proposition 1, a 0.15% sales tax The sales tax is the equivalent of 15 cents on a $100 purchase.

The sales tax, approved by voters in November 2020, generates roughly $39 million annually over six years to fund transit service, capital projects, and transit access programs like our Transportation Access Program.

Proposition 1 has five key goals.

  1. Provide safe and efficient transit for all Seattleites, particularly our essential workers fighting against the global pandemic
  2. Preserve a robust, connected transit system in Seattle that centers equity by ensuring access no matter the time of day or where you live
  3. Make transit investments in underserved areas and address acute mobility needs in areas like West Seattle
  4. Invest in ORCA Opportunity for students and Low Income Access programs
  5. Ensure continuity of critical transit services and transportation investments despite financial restrictions caused by I-976 and COVID-19

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