Accessible Mt. Baker

Last updated: April 10, 2018

Thank you for your interest in the Accessible Mt. Baker project. We are preparing to move into the project development phase and there will opportunities for additional community participation and to provide feedback on the initial design. Check back for more details this summer.

Project Overview

Accessible Mount Baker DesignIn 2015, we worked with neighbors and built on past plans to come up with a concept to reconfigure the intersection of Rainier Ave S and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. We want to work with the community to transform the Mt. Baker station area into a safer and comfortable place for people to walk, bike, and make transit connections; and for the Mt. Baker Town Center to take root and flourish. In addition to prioritizing walking and biking, we want to maintain transit and freight reliability and create more predictable conditions for people driving. Over the next few years we’ll do further traffic analysis, design the project and work on securing funding.

Project Outcomes

Aerial view #1Aerial view #2

SDOT has identified key outcomes for Accessible Mt Baker. First and foremost, the project will engage and interact with the community to better understand how the existing transportation system functions and how it can be most readily improved. No one knows and experiences the challenges and opportunities of the Mt Baker Station Area better than the people who travel through it on a daily or frequent basis. The plan will only be truly successful if it has the strong support of the community in which it is designed to serve.

Reflecting community needs and aspirations, the project will begin by identifying and developing conceptual designs for pedestrian and bicycle safety projects in the ½-mile station area. These improvements will be designed for implementation by SDOT in the short-term, at a relatively low cost. Potential projects will address challenges and constraints identified in the Southeast Transportation Study and reflect best practices in urban street and bikeway designs. One example is improving crossing conditions in the vicinity of the Rainier Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

The second project outcome is the development of a long-range integrated multimodal plan for the Mt. Baker Town Center. This will include an operational analysis for all modes of travel, with a specific emphasis considering policy direction from adopted modal plans and major truck streets. The operational plan shall consider that transformation from an auto-oriented area to a transit-oriented destination will happen over the span of many years. The plan will also lay out strategies and recommendations that have been identified to strengthen community assets and values. Some examples may include restoring historic boulevard connections, creating linkages to parks and green belts, and identification of placemaking elements emphasizing unique cultural and community traditions.

Project Library

Image of Chinese dragon danceFor more project background information, please refer to the following documents:

2017 Fact Sheet

December 2016

Plan & Illustration

November 12, 2015 Open House Boards



Over the next few years, this exciting project will conduct traffic analysis, complete design, and work on securing funding. Construction could start as early as 2021 in coordination with launching RapidRide service along Rainier Ave S. if funding is identified.