Project Coordination Groups

What We Do

Project coordination groups meet to determine logical sequencing of utility and construction projects that impact the right of way.

As part of the Project and Construction Coordination Office (PCCO), we work to maintain Seattle’s infrastructure, save taxpayers money and reduce construction impacts on the traveling public.

Project overview

Data collected by the PCCO helps identify transportation corridors with high concentrations of planned utility work and construction. Up to five years before these projects begin, we bring project managers together in regular meetings to optimize the sequence of construction and restoration.

Project coordination engineers facilitate the meetings to:

  • Validate project data in the right-of-way management system, including project location and schedule updates
  • Identify potential conflicts in both project schedules and overlapping work areas
  • Identify opportunities for coordination
  • Develop an optimized sequence of work for the coordination area

Coordination includes scheduling to:

  • Dig the deepest hole first; pave and paint last
  • Share utility access to trenches where possible
  • Coordinate temporary and final restoration
  • Enforce a pavement opening moratorium for five years

The Seattle Department of Transportation launched project coordination groups in 2016. Since then, they have helped save an estimated $2.5 million in restoration costs to public and private entities.

Savings from PCO Coordination chart

Project planning participation

Participation in coordination groups allows project managers to identify opportunities to share trenching and restoration costs and to work in a street before it goes under pavement opening moratorium. Opening a street under moratorium can lead to more extensive and expensive restoration requirements.

One useful tool in these coordination efforts is the SDOT Project and Construction Coordination Map, which is an interactive tool displaying current and future construction projects in the right of way, as well as other events that may impact traffic. Please note: all agencies performing work in the right of way that is planned at least 6 months ahead (SMC 15.32.050) must enter their project information into our dotMaps application, which provides data used in the Project and Construction Coordination Map. For more information on how to enter project data, please visit our Project and Construction Coordination Map page.

To learn more or to join a project coordination group, contact:

Diana Holloway, 206-684-3970

To view our current coordination groups, please download our coordination group map.

Updated: 10/10/2017