Delridge and Highland Park Stay Healthy Street

About this project 

Stay Healthy Streets are an important tool for Seattleites to get outside, travel to grocery stores, pharmacies, and local businesses, and get exercise. They make it possible for people to walk, roll, and bike in the street while staying 6 feet apart during the COVID-19 pandemic. Installed as part of our emergency response to the pandemic in 2020, they also provide an opportunity for you to consider how they might improve your community long-term.   

How were streets selected? 

We considered existing Neighborhood Greenways, which have traffic calming like speed humps, improvements to make it easy to cross busy streets, and have gone through a community engagement process.  

Proposed Changes to Delridge and Highland Park Stay Healthy Street 

We now have data available about this Stay Healthy Street, including how the street is being used by people walking and biking. We also have data about how many vehicles are using the Stay Healthy Streets and their speeds. The summary of this data collection can be found here

In addition to data collection, we are collecting community input on some proposed changes (see map below) to this Stay Healthy Street and to help decide if the shared street you live on or near should be made permanent or not. Permanent Stay Healthy Streets could be used for having outdoor potlucks and celebrations with your neighbors, art projects, sports, and traffic gardens along with travel and should support your community's values.  

As a resident on or near these two sections below, how do you feel about the Stay Healthy Street? 

Please let us know by taking our survey, available in English and Spanish. The survey will be open through Spring 2021. 

Changes to Delridge and Highland Park Neighborhoods: SW Trenton St

We'd like to understand your experience and what would work well for you long-term, particularly between 16th and 17th Ave SW which is in high demand due to the closure of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge.  

Changes on SW Trenton St include: 

  • Updating signs to be more durable and adding more "Street Closed Ahead" warning signs.  
  • Removing one block of Stay Healthy Street between 10th and 11th Ave SW to reduce confusion and focus the route connection to Highland Park Playground 

Changes to Delridge and Highland Park Neighborhoods: 21st Ave SW 

To remove confusion when students are dropped-off and picked-up at Sanislo Elementary School as soon as March 1 we are proposing:

  • Removing these sections of the Stay Healthy Street:
    • 21st Ave SW from SW Graham St to SW Myrtle St
    • SW Myrtle St from 21st Ave SW to 18th Ave SW
  • Adding a new section of the Stay Healthy Street: 18th Ave SW from SW Webster St to SW Myrtle St

Delridge-Highland Park Stay Healthy Street map with proposed changes


January and February 2021: Hear from people who live on or near Stay Healthy Streets

March 2021: SDOT team will share final decision on West Seattle Stay Healthy Streets


Data collection for Delridge and Highland Park Stay Healthy Street (Presentation - PDF)

Delridge and Highland Park Neighborhoods: SW Trenton St (flyer - English; flyer - Spanish)

Delridge and Highland Park Neighborhoods: 21st Ave SW (mailer)