Greenwood Sidewalk Project: N 117th – 130th St

January 11, 2022

What's happening now? 

Our project team has been working with property owners that have specific impacts, such as encroachments in the right-of-way, to finalize agreements and complete the project’s design. We are in the final design stages of this project and construction will begin as soon as March 2022 and is scheduled to last 6-8 months. Community members should expect pre-construction notices in the form of mailers and signage in the coming weeks to indicate that construction will begin. Thank you for your patience as we prepare for this work.

Pre-Construction Project Timeline Graphic

Project Overview

We're planning to install new sidewalks along both sides of Greenwood Ave N between N 117th St and N 130th St. Construction is expected to start as soon as March 2022. 

Greenwood Ave is lined with homes, apartments, condominiums, and businesses, while also being a frequently used bus route.  The segment of Greenwood between N 117th St and N 130th St in Broadview has been a longstanding priority for a new sidewalk construction.

These new sidewalks will fill critical gaps and help connect residents to frequent transit services, schools, and other neighborhood destinations. These improvements will help achieve Seattle's Vision Zero goal to end all traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. 

Particularly along Greenwood Ave N, the Broadview community has experienced flooding issues as well as underinvestment in pedestrian infrastructure. With this project we plan to perform spot natural drainage treatments, which will enhance water quality and drainage in this area.  

Project Background

Since 2016 we've been working to install sidewalks along Greenwood Ave N between N 92nd St and N 145th St. In addition to new sidewalk, we've added curbs, planting strips, pedestrian signal improvements, new traffic signals and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps.

Current pedestrian conditions along Greenwood Ave N

Current pedestrian conditions along Greenwood Ave N.

Map of pedestrian improvements along Greenwood Ave

Project Area

Project area is along Greenwood from 113th to 117th


Construction begins between N 117th St and N 130th St - March 2022

Agreement finalized between SDOT and property owners - November 2021

Virtual presentation to community groups - September 2020

Post card mailed to nearby businesses and residents - June 2020


Mailer to residents (June 2020)


This project is funded by the Move Seattle Levy, which was approved by voters in 2015.

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