North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway

Updated: May 8, 2019

What’s happening now?

Construction Update

We are almost complete with all the major work at each intersection along the neighborhood greenway route!
Going forward, you can expect to see us completing work with the new traffic light at N 100th St & Greenwood Ave N and pedestrian signal at 13th Ave NW & NW Holman Rd. View updates to these intersections below and other intersections in the neighborhood greenway under our "Intersection Improvements" section.
  • N 100th St & Greenwood Ave N - We are coordinating with Seattle City Light to complete installation of the new traffic signal. We anticipate the new traffic light to be operational in 4-6 weeks. 
  • 13th Ave NW and NW Holman Rd - We are waiting for a few signs to be installed at the 13th Ave NW and NW Holman Rd intersection in the next 4-6 weeks. Once installed, the new pedestrian light will be operational.

Stay informed

Construction map

Project area map

View full-size map.

What to expect during construction

  • Work in the public right of way near your home or business
  • Typical weekday work hours are 7 AM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Occasional traffic or lane restrictions, including side street closures
  • Temporary on-street parking restrictions, with “no park” signs placed 72 hours in advance
  • Temporary driveway access restrictions, with "no park" signs placed in advance
  • Detours for people walking, biking, and driving to get you safely around work zones
  • Typical construction equipment, materials, noise, dust, and activity in the work area
  • Access to homes and businesses will be maintained at all times. Work is weather-dependent, and the schedule is subject to change.

Project Overview

Intersection Improvements

Check out the neighborhood greenway design and photos of our progress below.

15th Ave NW and NW 92nd St - Construction complete

  • New curb bulbs
  • New sidewalk improvements

Construction map at 15th and 92nd

Crown Hill Park - Construction complete

  • Wider pathway through park
  • New crosswalks and stop sign at 14th Ave NW

Map and photo of 14th and 92nd

Holman Rd NW and 13th Ave NW New Signal (NSF-funded) – Construction nearly complete

  • New crossing signal and crosswalk beneath pedestrian bridge
  • View the NSF project webpage for more information regarding this intersection

Map and photo of 13th and Holman

8th Ave NW and NW 92nd St – Construction complete

  • New flashing crossing beacon
  • New curb ramps
  • New crosswalks

Construction map at 8th and 92nd

3rd Ave NW and NW 92nd St – Construction complete

  • New flashing crossing beacon
  • New curb ramps
  • New crosswalks

Construction map at 3rd and 92nd

N 100th St and Greenwood Ave N – Construction nearly complete

  • New curb ramps (west side of N 100th St)
  • New roadway island with pedestrian signal
  • New crosswalks

Map and photo of 100th and Greenwood

N 100th St and Aurora Ave N – Construction complete

  • Sidewalk repairs (east side of Aurora Ave N
  • New asphalt roadway (west side of Aurora Ave N)
  • New curb ramps

Map and photo of 100th and Aurora

N 100th St and College Way N – Construction complete

  • New crosswalk and stop sign
  • New painted pavement near intersection
  • Please be aware of the traffic changes happening during and after construction, outlined in the graphic below:

Map and photo of 100th and College

Corridor markings, wayfinding signs, and speed humps along the route

  • New asphalt speed humps, approximately 1 per block (see below!)
  • New stop signs and greenway wayfinding signs
  • New pavement markings to indicate the greenway way

Corridor markings

About neighborhood greenways

Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, and neighbors. We make people walking and biking the priority. The North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway includes:

  • 20 mph speed limit signs
  • speed humps to calm traffic
  • stop signs for side streets crossing the neighborhood greenway
  • signs and pavement markings to help people find their way
  • easier crossings of busy streets with crosswalks, flashing beacons, a roadway island, or traffic signals

We considered the following factors to select the greenway design and route:

  • The Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) recommended a neighborhood greenway on NW/N 90th St and N 100th St to connect to the planned Northgate Pedestrian & Bike Bridge across I-5. Protected bike lanes on N 92nd St were also proposed in the BMP and then prioritized in our recent implementation plan.
  • Community input and feedback from hundreds of people through public meetings, site visits with community members, an online survey, and direct communications. We heard a lot of requests for a neighborhood greenway with slower speeds on residential streets, safer crossings at busy intersections, flatter routes with less cut-through traffic, and improved connections to nearby schools, parks, transit, popular business districts, and Seattle’s growing bikeway network.
  • Data on traffic speed and volume, roadway operations, and street use.

The selected route along N 100th St/NW 92nd St avoids the steepest hills and prioritizes streets with lower vehicle speeds and volumes. It also connects people to the destinations we heard were most important:

  • Parks: Soundview Playfield, Crown Hill Park, Sandel Park, and Licton Springs Park
  • Schools: Whitman Middle School, Eagle Staff Middle School, Cascadia Elementary School, Licton Springs K-8 School, Greenwood Elementary School, St. John Catholic School, and North Seattle College
  • Neighborhoods, business districts: Crown Hill, Greenwood, Licton Springs, and Northgate
  • Citywide bike network: 17th Ave NW Neighborhood Greenway, Greenwood Ave NW bike lanes, Fremont Ave NW Neighborhood Greenway, College Way N bike lanes, and N 92nd St bike lanes
  • Transit: RapidRide lines on Holman Rd NW and Aurora Ave N, bus routes on Greenwood Ave N and College Way N, and future Northgate Pedestrian & Bike Bridge to light rail

Like all our neighborhood greenway streets, the North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway will include speed humps, prioritize people walking and biking, and improve crossings of busy streets.

About the school safety project

Our Safe Routes to School program funded crossing improvements at 15th Ave NW and NW 92nd St at Whitman Middle School, NW 80th St and 1st Ave NW at Greenwood Elementary School, and the Safe Routes to School Connections providing neighborhood greenway routes to the school on 1st Ave NW and the new schools at the Wilson-Pacific site: Eagle Staff Middle School, Cascadia Elementary School, and Licton Springs K-8 School.

About the Neighborhood Street Fund projects

Our neighborhood greenway work has been closely coordinated with the Neighborhood Street Fund's 2018 projects in the area: Holman Rd NW and 13th Ave NW Signal and Aurora Ave N Corridor Improvements.


The North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway & School Safety Project and associated Neighborhood Street Fund projects began construction in 2017. We expect to finish building these improvements in early 2019.

2017 (completed)

  • N 92nd St Protected Bike Lanes (initially marked in October 2016, weather delayed until early 2017)
  • 1st Ave NW Neighborhood Greenway Connection (N 92nd St to N 73rd St)

2017-2018 (completed)

  • Safe Routes to School Education and Enforcement Campaign

2018-2019 (under construction)


This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015.

The Neighborhood Street Fund program pays for transportation projects identified and prioritized by the community. Projects range from crossing improvements to creating unique public spaces. They're typically between $100,000 and $1 million. The 2019 application for NSF projects is open now – apply by November 19!

The Safe Routes to School connections were paid for by a Washington State Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School grant.

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