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Traffic Signal Program

Seattle is a growing city with expanding and shifting transportation interests. Today, we have more cars, more pedestrians, more bicyclists, and more buses using our City streets than ever before. Building new roads to handle the increased traffic volumes isn't a realistic solution in our "built" environment; effectively managing our streets is.

The goal of the Traffic Management Signal Operations group is to make sure that all traffic on our City streets moves as freely and smoothly as possible at all times. The signal operations team is made up of engineers who work with our existing network of streets, bridges, and highways to maintain and improve a functioning traffic system.

What to do if you encounter a malfunctioning traffic signal

In the event of significant wind, traffic signals could go "dark" or into flash mode. In the event you encounter an intersection with a dark or flashing signal, treat the intersection as an all-way stop. If you observe a potentially hazardous situation such as a dark red or yellow signal, or a twisted signal, please call (206) 386-1206 for immediate attention.

Traffic Signal Optimization Program

Transportation Operations Center


Traffic Signal Timing and Maintenance Request Form

If you have questions or comments about the City's Traffic Signal Program, call (206) 684-ROAD or send an e-mail to

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