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Street Use Permits - Permit List and Fee Schedule

Changes to Permit Fees

SDOT has completed the 2017 annual fee analysis that will be in effect as of January 1, 2017. Please see below for details.

Some key changes include:

  • The hourly review and inspection rate is increasing from $196 to $209
  • The issuance fee for permits for Miscellaneous Private Temporary Use of the right of way is decreasing from $305 to $146
  • Use fees are being eliminated for street and alley paving under 750 sq. ft. and for transit-stop-related infrastructure (not including utility installation)

Please note: To avoid billing complications in 2017 when review time is charged against deposits, permit review deposits will now be calculated at the new $209 hourly rate, effective immediately.

For more information on the specific changes coming in 2017, please refer to our 2017 Fee Schedule Adjustments Fact Sheet.


Hourly Rates:

  • Regular hourly rate from $196 to $209
  • Overtime hourly rate from $344 to $367

Issuance Fees:

  • Miscellaneous Private Temporary Use of ROW (Type 54A) will be $146 (down from $305)
  • Installing or Removing Permitted Public Art (Type 15) will be $138 (down from $146)

Occupancy and Use Fees:

  • Use fees will be eliminated for the following permit types:
    • Street and Alley Paving Under 750 sq. ft. (Use 40)
    • Transit-stop-related Infrastructure (does not include utility installation) (Use 41)
  • Use fees will be added for the following permit type:
    • Private Water Service Lines Under 2" in Diameter (Use 51O)

Permit Types:

  • The following permit types will be eliminated:
    • Installing, maintaining, or removing awnings or marquees (Use 27)
    • Installing, maintaining, or removing awnings or marquees (Use 29C)
    • Utility agencies' trucks/equipment working in ROW (no ground breaking) (Use 33B)
    • Minor improvement projects (Use 45B)

To view the current Street Use Permit Fee Schedule click the link below

Questions? Email: or call us at (206) 684-5253.

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