NE 125th Street Pedestrian Safety Enhancements

Updated: February 22, 2021

What’s happening now?

Construction began in September 2020 on the safety improvements at NE 125th St and 28th Ave NE. We have completed installation of the following:

  • New pedestrian signal equipment
  • New curb bulbs and accessible pedestrian ramps

We are now waiting for the electrical power for the new pedestrian-activated signal. Once the power is connected, we can install the new painted crosswalks across NE 125th St and turn on the signal.

Thanks for your patience as we work to complete the final project elements. Once the signal is activated and the crosswalk is painted, the new crossing will be fully operational and add to the pedestrian safety in this area.

Project Overview


  • New pedestrian-activated signals, curb bulbs, painted crosswalks, and accessible pedestrian ramps at 28th Ave NE
  • Additional crossing improvements at 33rd Ave NE


  • Improve the pedestrian crossing experience at 28th Ave NE and 33rd Ave NE
  • Enhanced accessibility for people using mobility devices, riding bikes, or pushing strollers
  • Increased visibility of bus riders


28th Ave NE Full Concept

graphic designed map of the intersection at 28th Ave NE and NE 125th St

Project Schedule

Fall 2019: Share early designs with community and collect feedback
Winter/Spring 2020: Continue project design
Summer/Fall 2020: Install new signalized crossing enhancement at NE 125th St & 28th Ave NE
TBD: Additional crossing improvements at NE 125th St & 33rd Ave NE


Construction Notice (English)

Construction Notice (Amharic)

Construction Notice (Oromo)

Construction Notice (Somali)

Construction Notice (Spanish)

Construction Notice (Tigrinya)

Construction Notice (Chinese)

Project Background

Through the Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Program, the Lake City community proposed to add flashing beacons at three crossings near bus stops along NE 125th St at 28th Ave NE, 33rd Ave NE, and a location west of 15th Ave NE. The project proposal aimed to increase driver awareness of bus riders crossing the arterial. SDOT recommended the project and the Levy Oversight Committee selected it.

As part of the standard design process, SDOT collected additional traffic data and analyzed the street conditions along NE 125th St, including the number of pedestrians crossing NE 125th St, the crossing width for pedestrians, and the speed and volumes of vehicles traveling on NE 125th St. SDOT did this to determine whether the original proposal should be modified in any way. Based on this new data, the original proposal should be modified to prioritize changes at two intersections along NE 125th St: 28th Ave NE and 33rd Ave NE, and to not include the third location at this time. At the two locations, we decided that pedestrian-activated traffic signals would better help people cross the street than the originally proposed flashing beacons. Changes west of 15th Ave NE are not being prioritized at this time based on the data. Such changes may be warranted in the future, depending upon traffic data, street conditions, and other factors.

The new pedestrian-activated signals are planned to be installed along NE 125th St at 28th Ave NE in 2020. The 33rd Ave NE crossing improvements are funded, but we are still determining when those improvements can be built. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work together toward final design and construction.

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