Northgate Greenway

What's happening now?

We've been talking to north Seattle communities about the most promising route for the Northgate Neighborhood Greenway. Thank you to those who completed our online survey and spoke with us at our events this summer.

We're considering the feedback we heard and reviewing traffic data and citywide transportation plans to design our final route. Stay tuned by subscribing to our distribution list to learn about project updates and public engagement opportunities.

Project Overview

We're engaging with people in the Maple Leaf and Northgate communities to help us design a neighborhood greenway that connects residents to local schools, parks, and businesses as well as the citywide transportation network. The new neighborhood greenway will bring affordable, active transportation options for all ages and abilities.

The Northgate Link light rail station is scheduled to open in 2021, and prior to the opening, we're planning to build several projects that will create safe and easy connections between the station and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Northgate Neighborhood Greenway, along with the Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge, and numerous improvements on streets serving the station will bring safety and accessibility to the area.

What's a Neighborhood Greenway?

Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, and neighbors. We make people walking and biking the priority. Neighborhood greenways can include:

  • easier crossings of busy streets with crosswalks, flashing beacons, or traffic signals
  • speed humps to calm traffic
  • 20 mph speed limit signs
  • stop signs for side streets crossing the neighborhood greenway
  • signs and pavement markings to help people find their way

The Northgate Neighborhood Greenway came from city planning efforts and community requests. The Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) calls for a network of neighborhood greenways in the Maple Leaf neighborhood that connect to schools and neighborhood destinations. With the opening of the Northgate Link light rail station in 2021, this neighborhood greenway was identified as a high priority for Northeast Seattle.

Hundreds of people gave feedback via an online survey, public events, and conversations with the project team. We heard requests for a neighborhood greenway with:

  • connections to Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, Northgate Library and Community Center, nearby shopping, and the future Link light rail station
  • improvements to help calm traffic
  • safer crossings at busy intersections
  • routes that avoid the steepest hills

Most Promising Route

We selected our most promising route after listening to the community, reviewing existing transportation plans, and analyzing traffic data. The most promising route is divided into two phases because Phase 2 is not yet funded. We're hoping to secure funding for this desired north-south route before construction of the first phase in 2020.

Most Promising Route map update

  1. Phase 1

    The first phase of the neighborhood greenway will connect people in Northgate and Maple Leaf between Link light rail, Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, Northgate Mall, and the Northgate Community Center and Library. We're proposing upgrades to the crossings at 5th Ave NE and NE 103rd St and at Roosevelt Way NE and NE 103rd St to help people walking and biking cross these busy intersections.

    Crossing treatments
  2. Phase 2

    The second phase of the most promising route provides a north-south connection into Pinehurst and end at Hazel Wolf K-8 School. We're proposing a crossing improvement at NE 117th St and Roosevelt Way NE, in addition to upgrading the signal on NE Northgate Way and 8th Ave NE. We're seeking funding to build Phase 2 over the next few years and will be sure to update the community if our efforts are successful. Please note that now is the time, however, to give detailed feedback about this route and its crossing proposals.

    Phase 2 Crossing treatments


This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Learn more at


Spring 2017: Share route options and get feedback
Summer 2017: Share most promising route and get feedback
Fall 2017: Share final route
2018/2019: Work toward 100% design and prepare for construction
As soon as 2020: Build neighborhood greenway

Get Involved

Northgate Neighborhood Greenway drop-in event at the Northgate Community Center
Northgate Neighborhood Greenway drop-in event at the Northgate Community Center

We're committed to engaging with communities and understanding your needs. Now is the time to get involved.

You can review previous materials we've presented to the pubic in our "Materials" section below.

We've held stakeholder briefings community groups along the project corridors to talk about the project and gather their feedback. Reach out if you want us to talk with your group.


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Updated: 11/2/2017