Parklets and Streateries Permits

What We Do

Parklets and streateries convert a few on-street parking spots into open spaces for all Seattleites to enjoy. Parklets are open for public use 24 hours a day, while streateries provide additional space for restaurants to serve customers during their hours of operation. Parklets and streateries are privately funded and maintained spaces that activate streets, create more vibrant neighborhoods, and support economic and social vitality. Both types of installations are cost-effective tools for increasing open space within Seattle's business districts, and add to the vitality of neighborhoods, in Seattle and around the world. Among other services, we:

  • Provide guidance through the parklet and streatery design process 
  • Educate people on the permitting process for parklets and streateries 

Program Goals

Through our Parklets and Streateries program, we seek to:

  • Provide safe, comfortable, and useful public spaces within the right of way 
  • Activate Seattle's streets through unique, community-driven projects 
  • Supply new spaces for community interaction 
  • Support local businesses and promote economic vitality in commercial districts 
  • Create streetscapes that are more attractive and walkable

About the Permit Process

When submitting your parklet or streatery application on the Seattle Services Portal, please include:

  • the exact location of the proposed installation
  • the addresses of adjacent businesses
  • the number of parking spaces needed

Under Create New select "Permits-Street Use" and navigate to and select the "Long Term Use" and "Private Structures/Uses" record type.

For a Streatery, under "Use Code Description" select "Curb Space Café (Non-paid Parking)" or "Curb Space Café (Paid parking)"
For a Parklet, under "Use Code Description" select "Public Amenity" 

Please provide a description of what you're planning for the space, including your reason for hosting, the activities supported in the space, and, if you're applying to host a streatery, your hours of service. 

You'll need to upload the following documents for your application:  

  • Site Plan (including elevation and structure details)   
  • Letter of authorization (if applicant is different from the owner or Financially Responsible Party)   
  • Photo/Conceptual Image/Design   

The following Document Type(s) may be required prior to Issuance:  

  • Certificate of Insurance and endorsements (see CAM 2102)  
  • Bond   
  • Historic/Landmark District Certificate of Approval if in Historic District   

If approved, an indemnity agreement will be drafted and you will need to record against the title of the property at King County Records prior to your permit issuance. Additional documents may be required based on the review of your application.   

Apply for a Parklet or Streatery Permit

Ready to apply? Great! Simply, click the button on the right to log into the Seattle Services Portal! 

Funding Options

Parklet and streatery projects can be costly to design, permit, and construct. However, parklet hosts are often able to find outside funding sources and donated services and materials for their projects. If you're concerned about the expense of building a parklet or streatery, we can help connect you with a number of funding resources to reduce costs. We generally recommend considering available city grants, crowdfunding websites, volunteer services, and partnerships with other organizations to get your project rolling. 


Use the map below to explore existing parklets and streateries.