Parklets and Streateries Permits

Please Note:

Changes to the Street Use permitting fee schedule will be going into effect on April 1, 2018. With approval from City Council as part of the 2018 budget, we are implementing changes to our permitting fee schedule to more accurately reflect the true costs of project permitting. Click here to read our fact sheet. 

For construction permits,
the permit issuance and renewal fee changes will be as follows:

  • Simple: $146 to $150
  • Complex: $305 to $313
  • Street Improvement Permits/Utility Major Permits: $146 to $4700
  • Permit modification and extension: $155 to $159

For short-term public space permits, the permit issuance fee is increasing from $146 to $175.

For long-term public space permits, the issuance fee is increasing from $146 to $224, while the annual renewal fee is increasing from $140 to $170.

Costs will be decreasing for permits for public amenities, such as street furniture and artwork. While the issuance fee for public amenities is increasing from $146 to $224 for the first year of issuance, permit holders will be allowed to renew their permits for free every year thereafter, as long as renewal is approved.

Lastly, the general rate for permit review and site inspections is increasing from $209/hour to $260/hour.

If you have questions concerning these changes, please contact or call (206) 684-5253. For questions related to Public Space permits, please contact or call (206) 684-5267.

Cashier Station at Street Use Permit Counter

In Addition:

We are adding a new dedicated cashiering station at our Street Use permit counter! The new station is scheduled to open by June 2018. Check out our one-page fact sheet here!

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Due to a high volume of permit applications and significant staff transitions, we are currently experiencing longer permit counter wait times and permit application review timelines. Please plan your trip to the permit counter and project timelines accordingly.

Permit Counter Wait Times (may vary with number of visitors)
           Construction use: 40-60 minutes
           Minor utility: 20-40 minutes

Permit Review Timelines (may vary with permit complexity)
           Arterial streets / construction hubs: 8-10 weeks
           Non-arterial streets:  6-8 weeks
           Modification requests: 4-6 weeks

(Note: Individual status inquiries may not be responded to if the permit review time has not exceeded the timelines listed above.)

Apply for a Parklet or Streatery Permit

About the Permit Process

To prepare for applying for your parklet or streatery, our Parklet Handbook and Streatery Supplement are both helpful resources.

Additionally, the Forms and Examples Supplement provides all the forms you’ll need to complete during the parklet and streatery process. You’ll also find examples of previously-submitted parklet applications, concept designs, and construction documents.

When submitting your parklet or streatery application, please include the exact location of the proposed installation, including the addresses of adjacent businesses and the number of parking spaces needed.

Please also provide a description of what you’re planning for the space, including your reason for hosting and the activities supported in the space (and your hours of service, if applying to host a streatery).

Your application package must also include:

  • A site plan
  • Photos of the area
  • Three letters of community support (four for a streatery)
  • Proof of contact with the local business or neighborhood association (if applicable)
  • A letter of authorization signed by the business owner, if applying for a streatery

You may submit your completed application package either via email to, or in person at the Street Use Permit Counter.

Parklet and streatery projects can be costly to design, permit, and construct. However, parklet hosts are often able to find outside funding sources and donated services and materials for their projects. If you’re concerned about the expense of building a parklet or streatery, we can help connect you with a number of funding resources to reduce costs. We generally recommend considering available city grants, crowdfunding websites, volunteer services, and partnerships with other organizations to get your project rolling.

We’ve also compiled a list of professional design firms that are offering pro bono or reduced cost design services for parklet and streatery hosts. We’ll continue to update this list as we hear back from other firms, but please contact Casey Rogers at or 206-733-9707 if you’d like us to connect you with any of these firms listed.

Babienko Architects


SkB Architects

VIA Architecture - Community Design Studio

Click here to view recently submitted and approved parklet and streatery applications. The downloadable Excel spreadsheet is updated every Monday and Thursday afternoon.

Public notices of these applications have been mailed to all street-level business entities, public entities, and residences within 200 feet of the proposed parklet or streatery location. A copy of the public notice has also been posted at each proposed parklet or streatery site in locations visible from the adjacent sidewalk, and it will remain posted during the two-week public comment period. The notice form includes detailed information on the proposed parklet or streatery, comment period dates, and an explanation of how the public can comment on the pending application and request a review or reconsideration of a permit decision.

Written comments concerning Street Use permit applications must be postmarked or emailed to SDOT no later than 10 business days after the first day of the public notice period.

Please submit your comments by sending a letter or email to:

Seattle Department of Transportation
Attn: Public Space Management Program
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996


Please include the permit number, your name and contact information, and the specific reason for your comment concerning an application.

After a public notice period has ended, SDOT will decide to approve, modify, or deny a Street Use permit application. Any person may request a review or reconsideration of a decision made by SDOT. This written request must be sent to the SDOT Director within 10 calendar days of the date of the SDOT decision (SMC 15.04.112). The request must identify the decision for which review or reconsideration is requested, grounds for objecting to the decision based on City standards, and the specific remedy being proposed. The Director will designate a review officer who will make a recommendation to the Director. The Director may, at his or her discretion, stay implementation of a decision pending review or reconsideration. The Director’s decision on review or reconsideration is final.

A request for review or reconsideration should be submitted to:

Director of Transportation
Seattle Department of Transportation
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3800
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996

With a copy sent to:

Division Director
Street Use
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2300
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996

In addition, please submit a copy of your request via email to our Public Space Management group at

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