Evidence of concrete dedication. 🗣📢 WE LOVE OUR MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS CONCRETE TEAM! They are on the front lines every day, making our city better for everyone. Our four 11-person crews maintain our citywide infrastructure and their accessibility [...]
You might want to paint the town red, as they say, with so much inspiring activity going on. From way-high bridge painting to four back-to-back Mariners vs. Red Sox games, we’ve got you covered (not in paint, that would be sticky). But stick with us [...]
Aaaaahhh, shade – it’s a beautiful thing. Now that summer is just a week away, we’re going to need more of it. Seattle is fortunate to have approximately 28% of its land covered with tree canopy. A conservative estimate of 300,000 [...]
­ Do you see cycling as the solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems? Do you enjoy free parking?😬 Maybe you have some serious cycling knowledge you’d like to share? If you answered yes to all most of the questions, then [...]