Northgate Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

Updated: September 24, 2018

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What’s happening now?

SDOT issued a Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (MDNS) to satisfy the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) on April 2, 2018. The public comment period ended on April 16, 2018. The appeal period ended April 23, 2018.

Thank you to all who submitted comments. We’re reviewing comments and will respond to inquiries shortly. The MDNS and supporting information can be viewed in our project materials library on this website.

Also, check out our spring 2018 outreach summary to get a recap of the 3 March drop-in sessions we hosted and the North Seattle College’s Earth Fair. You can also view our environmental fact sheet and display boards from the drop-in sessions in our project materials library.

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Project Overview

The Northgate neighborhood is a major residential and employment destination that continues to grow. With the completion of Sound Transit’s Link light rail station in 2021, the neighborhood is poised to become one of the region’s most active transit hubs. Today, a 10-lane interstate divides the neighborhood, and to walk between North Seattle College and the existing transit center is 25 minutes or more.

Connecting communities on the east and west sides of I-5 in Northgate

We’re designing a new, accessible, all ages and abilities pedestrian and bike bridge over Interstate 5 (I-5) in Northgate. The Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge will improve access to communities, services, and opportunities on the east and west sides of I-5 in Northgate and Licton Springs, helping knit together a historically divided area. It’ll also reduce travel time for people walking and biking between the east and west sides of I-5. When complete, the bridge will help connect the neighborhood’s thriving job and retail centers with the rest of the city and region.

The new bridge will span roughly 1,900 feet over I-5, landing at North Seattle College on the west side and at 1st Ave NE and NE 100th St, near the future light rail station, on the east side.

The project consists of four main parts:

  • Bridge spans over I-5
  • Western approach between North Seattle College and wetland area, connecting to College Way N and N 100th St
  • Eastern approach between I-5 and 1st Ave NE at NE 100th St, near the King County Transit Center
  • Multi-use path along 1st Ave NE

The project will benefit the area by providing:

  • A new connection over I-5, decreasing travel times for people walking and biking between the 2 sides of the highway

  • Safety improvements and access for people walking and biking throughout the Northgate area

  • Better access to regional transit at the King County Transit Center and future Link light rail station, resulting in increased use of transit facilities

  • Improved connections between the Northgate retail center for its employees and customers and for residents and visitors to other nearby amenities, such as parks and medical and social services

Project Location

Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge Project Area

Design Rendering

The user experience walking or biking across the bridge.
Truss Passage

A view of the bridge, looking east.
Campus Pond Overlook

Recent Cost-Saving Changes

We formed a new design team in 2016 to help reduce project costs and meet project goals. The team developed a bridge design that includes the following cost-saving changes and design improvements:

Original Design (prior to 2017)Revised Design (2017 to present)
20-foot wide walkway on bridge 16-foot wide walkway on bridge
2,100-foot long bridge length Shortened bridge length to 1,900 feet
East approach conflicted with WSDOT Park-and-Ride at 1st Ave NE East approach modified as it touches down near 1st Ave NE, simplifying the connection and preserving the WSDOT Park-and-Ride lot
West approach included stairs at the North Seattle College, with limited sight distance West approach modified to improve sight distances and make a more direct connection
Complicated construction approach Standard construction approach to reduce project duration
Tube/truss design (enclosed) More open structure and more graceful bridge transition

Finally, an added benefit of the revised design is enhanced user experience with features such as a wetland wildlife overlook and a view of arriving light rail trains at NE 100th St.

What We’ve Heard

Based on community input throughout the project, we know there’s interest in:

  • Minimizing environmental impacts of the bridge by making sure, for example, that the project doesn’t disturb wildlife during construction and ensuring the bridge’s drainage system (for stormwater) is designed to enhance wetlands on the west end
  • Ensuring safety and security of all bridge travelers
  • Wayfinding and traffic control
  • The experience of people biking and using other wheeled devices (e.g., scooters, wheelchairs, strollers, rollerblades, suitcases, etc.)
  • Connecting the bridge to other infrastructure, including neighborhood bike routes
  • Separating or managing modes of traffic on the bridge

Other topics of interest included the project’s cost, the bridge’s durability, and maintaining vegetation.

We value the community input provided to date and thank you all for your continued interest.


We expect construction to begin in 2019 and to be complete in 2020, prior to the opening of the Link light rail station in 2021.

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We’ve secured funding from various sources in addition to the voter-approved Move Seattle levy. These include SDOT, Sound Transit, Washington State, and additional local funds.

Get Involved

In the months ahead as we finalize project design, you'll have opportunities to learn about the refined design and provide feedback on environmental review. Email is the best way to stay up to date on the project and to get notifications about outreach events.

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Outreach Events

Past Events
April 18, 2018 North Seattle College Earth Fair
March 21, 2018 Drop-in session at Neighborcare Health at Meridian
March 20, 2018 Drop-in session at Aljoya Thornton Place
March 19, 2018 Drop-in session at North Seattle College
February 8, 2018 Sierra Club
November 28, 2017 North Seattle College campus meeting
November 2, 2017 Haller Lake Community Club
August 13, 2017 Idriss Mosque BBQ
August 9, 2017 Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Walking Tour
August 3, 2017 Public open house
July 26, 2017 Maple Leaf Summer Social
July 22, 2017 Live in D5!
June 30, 2017 Department of Neighborhoods Community Conversation Meridian Manor
June 14, 2017 Maple Leaf Community Council
June 14, 2017 Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board
June 7, 2017 Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board
May 18, 2017 Seattle Design Commission
May 6 King County Metro
Transit Oriented Development public meeting
April 29, 2017 Housing Affordability and Livability community open house (sponsored by Dept. of Neighborhoods)
June 22, 2016 North District Council
May 25, 2016 Feet First
May 18, 2016 Licton Springs Community Council
May 17, 2016 Victory Heights Community Council
May 16, 2016 North Seattle College (Campus meeting)
May 5, 2016 North Seattle College (students)
October 15, 2015 Public open house
September 17, 2015 Seattle Design Commission briefing
August 18, 2015 Seattle Design Commission subcommittee meeting
July 29, 2015 Maple Leaf Summer Social
July 15, 2015 North Seattle Chamber of Commerce
June 17, 2015 Licton Springs Community Council
June 17, 2015 Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board
June 24, 2015 Pinehurst Community Council
May 27, 2015 Northwest District Council Briefing
May 26, 2015 Cascade Bicycle Club: Connect Northgate
May 22, 2015 Seattle Neighborhood Expo
May 12, 2015 Meadowbrook Community Council
May 2015 Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board
April 29, 2015 Maple Leaf Community Council
April 22, 2015 North Seattle College Earth Day Symposium
October 21, 2014 North Seattle College
September 10, 2014 Public briefing
June 3, 2014 Open house
March 2014 Sound Transit open house
February 2014 Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board
February 2014 Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board


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