Greenwood Ave N

Updated: July 23, 2019

What’s happening now?

We're getting ready to begin work on the next phase of construction, which will include pedestrian safety improvements on the west side of Greenwood Ave N, as well as repave roadway surface. Beginning in August, crews will work to build a new sidewalk, planting strip, curb and gutter on the west side of Greenwood Ave N between N 136th and 145th streets.

Join us for an informational drop-in session before construction starts!

July 31, 2019
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Caffe Musica
14300 Greenwood Ave N Suite A, Seattle, WA 98133

We expect to complete work on the pedestrian safety improvements in 2019. Crews will return in spring 2020 to perform the weather-dependent roadway paving work.

Questions about the project?

Email the project team at or call 206-257-2215.

Project Overview

We are working to repave Greenwood Ave N between N 137th and N 145th streets, as well as adding sidewalks, curbs, and parking strips where they don't presently exist. Other improvements will include Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps at each intersection in the project area, pedestrian signal improvements at N 145th St, and a new traffic signal at N 137th St. These improvements will help achieve Seattle's Vision Zero goal to end all traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

The first phase of the project was completed in 2018 and installed a new sidewalk, planting strip, curb, and gutter on the east side of Greenwood Ave N. Crews also installed a new pedestrian-activated traffic signal at N 137th St. 

The second phase of the project, beginning in August 2019, will repave the entire roadway and will construct a new sidewalk, planting strip, curb and gutter on the west side of Greenwood Ave N between N 136th and N 145th streets.

Project map


2016 - 2018: Design phase

June 2018 - December 2018: Phase 1 construction - east side improvements

August 2019 - Fall 2019: Phase 2 construction - west side improvements

Spring 2020: Phase 2 construction - repave Greenwood Ave N


Construction flyer (July 2019)


This project is funded by SDOT's Safe Routes to School Program, Sidewalk Development Program and the Move Seattle Levy, which was approved by voters in 2015.

Get Involved

To sign up for email updates on the project, please contact us at or 206-257-2215.

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Review

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has determined that the Greenwood Avenue N Pedestrian Improvements Project will not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment. As a result, SDOT issued a Determination of Non-significance (DNS) on June 25, 2018. This decision was made after review of a completed environmental checklist.

The public is invited to provide comments on the DNS and checklist. Comments must be provided no later than 5:00 pm, July 9, 2018.

In addition, any interested person may appeal this DNS by submitting a Notice of Appeal and a filing fee to the Office of the Hearing Examiner no later than 5:00 PM on July 16, 2018.

Please see the DNS linked above for more information on providing comments and submitting appeals.