Transportation Options Program

Why We Support a Range of Transportation Options

Our daily choices in how to get around make a difference. Single occupant vehicles (SOVs) contribute to carbon emissions and congestion. Providing people with information about the many ways to get around helps make our transportation network more efficient and sustainable.

Seattle's city-wide mission is to reduce SOV reliance while supporting active and shared modes. The current comprehensive plan goal is for 35% or fewer work trips and 25% or fewer non-work trips be made by SOV by 2035. The Transportation Options Program uses many different strategies to reach towards that goal, including:      

  • Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program: Working with major employers to reduce peak drive alone trips and meet programmatic performance targets, backed by State Law
  • Transportation Management Programs (TMPs): Working with property managers to meet site-specific mode split targets  
  • Commuter Benefit Ordinance: Requires that businesses with 20 or more employees offer workers the opportunity to make a monthly pre-tax payroll deduction for transit or vanpool expenses
  • West Seattle & Duwamish Valley Travel Options: If you live in the West Seattle region, this resource center will help you find the best way to cross the Duwamish.
  • MyTrips: Leading by example by providing City employees an excellent commuting program including complimentary transit passes and bike facilities. MyTrips is only available to City of Seattle employees

Visualize The Impact of Your Transportation Option

Less Cars Animation

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