Transportation Access Programs

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"All you have to do is TAP!"


SDOT's Transportation Access Programs (TAP) provide affordable, safe, and equitable access to public transportation by providing transit resources and community-centered programming to diverse Seattle communities.

TAP is funded through Proposition 1, a voter approved measure that was renewed in November 2020. TAP programs create opportunities for all Seattle residents to connect directly to regional transit providers to better understand how to navigate transit, and to educate communities on how accessing transportation can lead to healthier and environmentally sustainable lives.


To create equitable transportation opportunities for Seattle residents by providing affordable access and education to transit through community-centered programming


All Seattle residents regardless of background or identity lead healthier lives by having the confidence and ability to navigate Seattle's transportation system. By providing this programming, Seattle residents will have equitable and safe access to transportation resources that energize them to lead healthier live.


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Transit Access Programs

The ORCA Opportunity program provides fully funded 12-month ORCA cards to improve access to transit for various populations in Seattle. Below are the specific programs we offer through ORCA Opportunity:

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ORCA Opportunity Youth provides ORCA cards to all Seattle Public High School and income-eligible Middle School students. Learn more here

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ORCA Opportunity Promise Scholars provides ORCA cards to all Seattle Promise Scholars. Learn more here

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ORCA Opportunity Seattle Housing Authority Pilot provides ORCA cards to 2,000 eligible Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) residents. Learn more here

The Jump Start ORCA Program is a partnership with Seattle Public Schools to offer preloaded ORCA cards to families attending the summer Jump Start Kindergarten Transition Program. Learn more here

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The Youth Transportation Ambassador program engages BIPOC youth leaders in Seattle to empower themselves and their communities towards accessible, environmentally sustainable, and affordable transportation. Learn more here.

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The RRFP program provides older adults (aged 65 or older) and riders with disabilities (aged 64 and under) with a $1.50 reduced fare ORCA card and community transit education for regional modes of transportation in the Puget Sound. Learn more here.