Georgetown to South Park Connection

Updated: May 6, 2019

What’s happening now?

The vision for the project is a safer, all ages and abilities connection for people walking and biking between Georgetown and South Park. This project rose to the top of the list as part of the recent Georgetown Mobility Study.

We have funding from City Council to get the project to early design by the end of 2019 which includes selecting the preferred route and developing that route into early design.

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We are currently in the project development phase of the planning phase; next up will be design and construction.

Project Description

We are studying routes that would provide better connections for people biking and walking between the business areas of South Park and Georgetown. This study will further develop preliminary alternatives for a multi-use trail along a portion of E Marginal Way that the Georgetown Mobility Study explored (see page 43). Current funding covers the project up to 30% design and engineering.


Create a walkable, bikeable connection uniting the Georgetown and South Park neighborhoods. The connection will enhance walkability between Georgetown and South Park’s historic “Main Streets” and connect the heart of the Duwamish Valley.


The need for better connections between Georgetown and South Park was heard throughout the Georgetown Mobility Study outreach as well as through community advocacy. The Mobility Study focused specific attention on a section of E Marginal Way, where the connection would be technically challenging.

This connection was also identified as important within our Pedestrian Master Plan, Bike Master Plan, Freight Master Plan, Transit Master Plan, and Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Analysis.

Project Area

The study includes a walking/biking connection between South Park and Georgetown on 16th Ave S, E Marginal way, and potentially on Ellis Ave S/S Albro Pl or Flora Ave S.

Satellite map showing that this project will connect commercial centers of Georgetown and Soutth Park with pedestrian and bike safety improvements.

E Marginal Way
E Marginal Way

Community Outreach

2017 Georgetown Mobility Study (Open house, survey, community meetings, Advisory Committee)
July 2017 Community workshop


City Council approved $600,000 in the 2018 budget for the outreach, planning, and early design of this project. The final design and construction are currently unfunded.


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