Delridge Way SW - RapidRide H Line

Bus lanes, landscaped medians, crosswalk improvements, protected bike lanes, neighborhood greenway connections, signal upgrades, paving, water and sewer pipe upgrades, spot parking and bike lane removal, public art.

Updated: June 19, 2019

What’s happening now?

Where we are in the process: Design Phase - 30% Design Update

We're sharing the new street design with the community and looking for continued feedback and engagement.

Take our online survey, also available in Spanish (Español) and Vietnamese (Tiếng việt). The survey closes on July 19.

30% Design documents for your review:

- New display boards about the project and the latest design details
- New intersection designs diagrams
- New street design (channelization map) in single PDF
- New street design (channelization map) in multi-page PDF best for printing 
- New street paving map

We will share regular updates via email as we go out into the community this Spring. Sign up to receive project emails using the form to the right or the bottom of this page.

Feedback from 10% Design phase that was incorporated into the latest design:

- Extending the northbound bus only lanes two blocks so it goes from SW Hudson St to SW Alaska St
- Changing northbound bus only lane between SW Holden St and SW Orchard St to be all-day rather than just peak times
- Added new marked crosswalks across Delridge Way SW at SW Holden St and SW Findlay St
- Added new marked crosswalks across side street at the SW Findlay St, SW Graham St, and Sylvan Way SW intersections
- Added improving speed bumps on 26th Ave SW to support people biking 
- Added bike lane improvements on 16th Ave SW between SW Kenyon and SW Webster streets
- Added rapid flashing beacon to the crosswalk at SW Findlay St

Feedback from 10% Design phase that wasn't incorporated into latest design:

- Request to add a marked crosswalk across Delridge Way SW at SW Hudson St
- Request to keep the SW Brandon St bus stop rather than moving it to SW Findlay St
- Request for north- and southbound protected bike lanes along the entire length of Delridge Way SW
- Request to allow evening and weekend parking in the bus only lanes between SW Andover St and SW Alaska St
- Request to keep bus stops between SW Brandon St and SW Andover St
- Request to restrict right turns on red for westbound traffic at SW Anderson St
- Request to keep current street parking between SW Holden St and SW Cambridge St

Stay engaged. We want to:

  • Make sure the latest design works for you or your business
  • Clarify impacts to parking and what alternative options are available
  • Inform you on the length and operating hours of new bus only lanes
  • Start talking about what to expect during construction

Engagement tools:

Questions about the project?

Learn more about project art

Studio Wowhaus has been selected to create art for this project. To learn more and connect with the artists visit the Art Beat Blog or send us an email at

Project Overview

Delridge street channelization map

We're working to make Delridge Way SW a better street for buses by bringing multimodal improvements to the neighborhood in coordination with new Metro RapidRide service. That means your Seattle levy dollars will remake and reimagine what Delridge can be fore everyone traveling in the neighborhood. Delridge Way SW - RapidRide H Line project includes new bus lanes to sail past traffic, a new bus signal to hop to the front of the line at red lights, and a commitment to getting people walking and biking around the neighborhood and to new stops. Below are our goals for the street and how we plan to meet them.

Delridge RapidRide H Line Transit Map

How can I get involved?

We're always interested in meeting with community and neighborhood groups that want to learn more about the project and make their voices heard.

You can request a briefing by emailing or calling 206-684-8105. 

Do you live outside the city of Seattle?

Metro is bringing RapidRide amenities and improving service between the Seattle city limits, White Center, and Burien. Additional project funding for these improvements comes from grant sources that Metro has already secured. Metro will be conducting public outreach about the project changes in these areas in 2018.

To stay informed or find out more, visit King County Metro’s website or contact Robyn Austin, King County Department of Transportation Community Relations Planner, at

Milestones and Schedule

Project timeline

2015 Early community outreach about project
2015-2016 Completed studies and analysis and used community feedback to develop a report on the corridor's existing conditions
2016 Community outreach to receive feedback on community transportation priorities and trade-offs
2017 Shared conceptual options for community feedback
2018 Shared outcome of outreach and technical analysis along with a new conceptual option
2018 Recommended concept moves into design
2019 Final design complete, advertise for construction bids
2020-2021 Construction
2021 Metro RapidRide H Line service begins

*Future dates are subject to change.

Goals for Delridge Way SW - Rapid Ride H Line:

Goal Planned Street Changes
Get buses out of traffic so they stay on-time
  • Adding bus only lanes
  • Prioritizing buses at key intersections through signal upgrades
  • Changing bus stop locations
  • These changes will require some spot parking and bike lane removal
Upgrade Route 120 to the RapidRide H Line
  • Working with King County Metro to bring RapidRide service to Delridge Way SW
  • Improving bus stops with real-time arrival information and lighting
  • Learn more about RapidRide on Metro's website
Connect people biking to buses and neighborhood destinations
  • Adding protected bike lanes
  • Improving connections to existing neighborhood greenways
  • These changes will require some spot parking removal
Connect people walking to buses and neighborhood destinations 
  • Adding and improving crosswalks
  • Updating curb ramps for accessibility
Address potholes and the old street surface
  • Repave sections of the street
Create an inviting boulevard to slow traffic
  • Adding a landscaped median in sections of the street
Keep our infrastructure working
  • Making water and sewer pipe upgrades
Connecting communities with the street
  • Adding public art along the street

RapidRide H Line Library


This project is partially funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Additional grant funding has been secured and is being sought by both Seattle and King County. Delridge Way SW is one of seven corridors identified in the Levy to see transit improvements. Visit our program website to learn more details.