Swift Avenue S / S Myrtle Street / S Othello Street Paving Project

What's happening now?

The project is currently in final design and construction is expected to begin this year. Leading up to construction, the outreach team will be in the neighborhood talking to businesses and residents about the work to come.

Project overview

Swift Ave S, S Myrtle St and S Othello are two-way arterials serving south Seattle. The streets link Holly Park and Beacon Hill to Interstate 5 (I-5). Our goal is to improve the safety, accessibility, and comfort for all users.

Early next year, the Seattle Department of Transportation plans to repave about 1.75 miles of Swift Ave S, S Myrtle St, and S Othello between S Albro Pl and Martin Luther King Jr Way S. As part of the repaving, we will be taking off the old top layer of the road, placing new asphalt and repainting the lane lines. In addition to repaving, we will also be improving the existing bike lane along Swift Ave S / S Myrtle St between S Albro Pl and Martin Luther King Jr Way S by making it wider.

Other improvements include:

  • Installing or upgrading curb ramps to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Replacing traffic detection loops that control the signals
  • Repairing and replacing some sections of sidewalk in the project area
  • Making some King County Metro bus stop improvements
  • Bringing storm drainage into code compliance

Map of planned project with typical cross sections

The project is currently in design. As we continue to update the design, we will be talking to and engaging with businesses and the community about the project.

For more information about SDOT's 2018 paving projects, please visit: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/2018ArterialPaving.htm



Initial design and outreach

Updated design


Community outreach

Winter 2017/2018

Final design

Winter 2017/2018

Advertise for construction

Spring 2018

Construction begins

This schedule if a rough estimation of the project timeline. The schedule is subject to change.


Total project budget: $6.02 million
Funding Sources:

  • SDOT's Arterial Asphalt and Concrete Program
  • Sidewalk Safety Repair Program
  • Levy to Move Seattle

Get involved

Leading up to construction, the outreach team will be in the community to discuss the upcoming work. If you'd like to request a briefing, please contact us.


SEPA Determination of Non-significance (DNS)

SEPA Environmental Checklist

May 2017 fact sheet

Updated: 2/1/2018